How to get rid of a groundhog?

How to get rid of marmots? Groundhogs may seem harmless, but they can do a lot of damage on the ground in addition to eating your vegetables in the vegetable garden.

Over time we discover things that work really well! So here are my top tips for getting rid of a groundhog.

When I lived in town, every summer there were one or more marmots that dug and hid under the neighbour’s shed.

Plug the holes around the shed!

Closing the groundhog holes may seem like a good solution, but the groundhogs may easily find another way back under the shed if they were already there before.

We must act before it is too late!

If you have a shed, balcony, shed or garden shed and there are holes in it, you need to plug them quickly before groundhogs find them and crawl in.

You must absolutely avoid leaving an empty space between the floor of the shed and the ground. It is a place very loved by marmots, but also by skunks, so watch out for this space!

2. Scare away a marmot with objects

Groundhogs, but also skunks, raccoons and other wild animals do not like colored objects that move and shimmer on grounds and gardens.

Here are some items and tricks to scare groundhogs:

  • Color to keep groundhogs away: place colored objects or even colored toys in different places on your land and you will see how effective it is to scare away the groundhogs.
  • A beach ball: take a beach ball to keep the groundhogs away. Take the balloon and tie it to the ground using a large string. When there is a little wind, the balloon will sway in all directions and scare away the marmots, guaranteed.
  • An aluminum plate: install sticks with aluminum plates in different places in the vegetable garden and the ground, which twirl in the wind and which will scare away the groundhogs.
  • Repellent tape: install in a few places on the ground and near the shed shiny ribbons that shimmer and twirl in the wind to keep the critters away from the garden.

3. Remove rocks and branches on the ground

Groundhogs like to hide where there are large rocks, branches or large piles of wood.

Also pick up the piles of leaves on the ground!

In addition to branches and rocks, it is important not to let too many tree leaves accumulate in one place on the lawn. Marmots like to hide there and particularly like the insects that hide there, a real all-you-can-eat buffet!

So to prevent groundhogs from coming on the ground, clean your yard and remove all those rocks, branches, piles of leaves and other objects likely to attract them.

4. Natural groundhog repellent

If you are looking for a grandmother’s trick then here is one to spray in the different places where groundhogs hang around the house.

  1. Mix castor oil, Tabasco sauce and human urine.
  2. Spray old rags or old towels with this solution and install them at the end of small stakes or wooden sticks.
  3. Install them in a few places on the ground and near the shed if you notice the presence of a groundhog there.

The smell of this homemade repellent will quickly keep all groundhogs away from your property!

5. Put hair to keep a groundhog away

Another 100% natural and free trick to keep a groundhog away is to scatter human hair or animal hair.

Indeed, an old grandmother’s trick says that spreading human hair all over your land would keep groundhogs away. I don’t know if this stuff is really valid, but I’ll give it to you anyway. It costs nothing to try it!

In addition to being effective against groundhogs, the hair and hair trick can be used as a grandma’s remedy for moles!

6. A watering can to chase away marmots

An effective way to repel groundhogs and other wild animals from your land is to use an automatic watering system!

A powerful jet of water!

There are different models of watering cans with motion sensors. Install one of these sprinkler systems on your land and as soon as a marmot comes it will trigger the water jets which will make it flee.

Is it really effective… Yes and no!

The problem with this type of water jet repellent is that the groundhog may quickly hide under the shed or the balcony.

7. Spices to keep groundhogs away

Spices can be useful to keep groundhogs away, but also other critters that you no longer want to see around the house!

Check where groundhogs are wreaking havoc in your yard and sprinkle some black pepper or better ground cayenne pepper.

You can also use this spice trick to scare away marmots that are under your balcony or under your shed.

8. Be careful with fruits and vegetables

Groundhogs love to eat fruits and vegetables so you have to protect them and especially prevent access to the vegetable patch.

Protect fruit trees!

If you have trees with fruit, it could attract groundhogs. Install a wire cylinder at the base of your fruit trees to prevent groundhogs from climbing there.

It is also important to pick up all the fruit that has fallen on the ground regularly, because groundhogs and raccoons will be attracted to it.

Protect the vegetable garden!

Ripe fruits and vegetables, marmots love them! So harvest vegetables from the garden that are ready to eat as soon as possible.

Also, it is preferable to install a fence all around the vegetable garden to prevent groundhogs from venturing there. Also, be sure to sink the mesh about 1 foot deep into the ground.

9. Close the trash can and the compost bin tightly

Groundhogs love to eat everything in the vegetable garden but also in garbage cans and compost!

So if you absolutely want to avoid the arrival of marmots around the house, you must keep your trash and compost bin very clean.

Avoid leaving garbage bags lying around on your balcony too, as they may attract groundhogs, but also skunks and raccoons who love garbage cans!

10. Hire a professional!

If despite all the tips for groundhogs offered in this article, nothing works, you will probably need to call a professional.

There are several professional exterminators and traps to catch a groundhog, you just need to find the right one.

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