How to get rid of adult beetles?

How to get rid of adult beetles?

How to get rid of adult beetles?

In the garden, the vegetable patch, the lawn… The beetle can quickly get out of control if nothing is done to get rid of it, and that’s not to mention the larvae that can kill the lawn. And what about flying beetles too!

Every summer there are beetles in my house! I therefore offer you some tips and practical advice to get rid of adult beetles!

1. Difference Between Adult Cockchafers and Larvae

It is important to understand that adult beetles and larvae (white grubs in the lawn) do not cause the same damage around the house and in the garden.

  • Adult cockchafer: adult beetles and flying beetles love to nibble the leaves of rosebushes, oaks and birches. They also feed on fruit so watch out for your fruit trees.
  • Cockchafer larvae: White grubs feed on the roots of plants and flowers and love the roots of grass and cereals.

It is the beetle larvae that destroy the lawn and not the flying beetles!

2. What attracts beetles?

Before moving on to products and repellents to keep beetles away, why not find out what attracts beetles in the garden and at home!

Here are 3 possible causes of beetles around the house and in the garden:

  • A lawn that is too short makes it easier for adult beetles to lay their eggs.
  • The cultivation of potatoes and also strawberries in the garden are appreciated by these flying insects.
  • Artificial light around the house at night attracts them even more.

So if you have an invasion of beetles at night, turn off the outside lights quickly to get rid of them!

3. Diatomaceous earth against beetles

If you are looking for a way to get rid of beetles and grubs naturally then diatomaceous earth is a natural product to buy.

Diatomaceous earth is still little known and yet it is really effective against a multitude of undesirable insects including flying beetles.

In addition to eliminating beetles and larvae, diatomaceous earth is effective against these other insects:

  • cockroaches
  • the ants
  • bed bugs
  • fleas
  • the earwigs

Here is a diatomaceous earth to use against cockchafers around and in the house:

diatomaceous earth

diatomaceous earth

  • Natural product to fight against insects and parasites.
  • Ideal against cockchafers, cockroaches and bed bugs.
  • Protects vegetable plants in the vegetable garden.

4. Tilt your garden soil in search of beetles

kill beetle grubs in the lawn

If you suspect the presence of black cockchafer or fuller beetle larvae in the garden and in the lawn, the soil must be turned over. It’s a drastic solution, but really effective to get rid of beetle larvae and white grubs that ravage the lawn.

It is very difficult to kill all the beetle larvae, hence the importance of turning the garden soil a few times in early spring before the soil becomes too dry. Once the earth is turned over, open your eyes and collect all the beetle larvae you find and get rid of them quickly.

The larvae feed on the roots of grasses and plants!

It is not beetles that cause serious lawn and garden problems, but grubs and grubs. Indeed, these parasites feed on the roots of grasses and plants, causing the death of these plants and therefore the death of your beautiful lawn.

5. Kill beetle larvae with nematodes

kill beetle larvae with nematodes

Nematodes are microscopic worms that can paralyze beetle larvae and other white grubs in soil and grass. After a heavy rain or simply after having watered your lawn well, disperse the nematodes on the lawn. The microscopic worms will join the beetle larvae in order to eliminate them for good.

Beetle larvae can quickly damage your beautiful green lawn by attacking the roots of the grass. It is therefore important to kill grubs and grubs quickly to avoid damaging the entire lawn.

As it is a specialized product, it is not found everywhere. So, ask your garden center or some hardware stores to check if they have nematodes against white grubs and beetle larvae.

6. What animal eats beetles?

natural anti cockchafer mole

Did you know that moles love beetles, especially larvae and grubs that hide in the ground? So why would you want to hunt and keep moles away from the garden at all costs?

The next time you want to keep a mole away from your garden, don’t forget that this little animal can be very useful in getting rid of beetles and other pests in the lawn.

Other useful animals to get rid of common beetles:

In addition to moles, other animals and birds can help you get rid of beetles and grubs in the lawn and garden.

  • Hens: If you live in the countryside, why not buy a chicken? In addition to having good fresh eggs every day, you will no longer have any cockchafer larvae and other unwanted worms on your land.
  • Raccoons and skunks: If you notice the presence of small holes on the surface of the lawn, it is undoubtedly the raccoons and skunks who are feasting on the beetles and white grubs. This is a good signal of the presence of larvae and worms in the lawn.

7. Geranium, a natural anti-chafer

If you are looking for an even more natural repellent to ward off adult Japanese beetles then geranium is an alternative.

Indeed, to keep flying beetles away in the garden and around the house, you can plant geranium plants. It is a repellent plant against cockchafers and other flying and crawling insects.

If you don’t know what this plant and flower looks like then here it is in picture:

garanium anti cockchafer

8. Beauveria brong… The cockchafer fungus

Another natural remedy against beetles or rather larvae and white grubs in soil and lawn is beauveria brongniartii. An extremely effective fungus with rapid results against European beetles as well as nematodes

This is a fungus already recognized as an excellent natural and organic insecticide. It is therefore possible to put the beauveria brong mushroom in the ground to kill all the larvae that are there.

But the most important thing is that this anti-white grub fungus must be planted at the start of spring so that the beetle larvae cannot survive.

9. Catch beetles with apples

Catch beetles with apples

If you can’t kill the beetles, larvae and grubs then why not try to capture them and then get rid of them far, far away from home?

Here’s how to use the attraction of apples against these flying insects:

  • Cut several apples into quarters and place them in the ground in different places.
  • Leave in place all night, pick up the pieces of apple with the worms and larvae and get rid of them.

Repeat for several nights to successfully catch and eliminate all beetle larvae in the lawn.

10. Kill larvae with iron sulfate

When it comes to tips and tricks iron sulfate is often used for a multitude of tasks. So know that iron sulphate is also very useful to prevent invasions of beetle larvae in the ground.

In the spring, you can sprinkle iron sulphate or a fertilizer enriched with iron sulphate on the lawn to kill and prevent beetle larvae from destroying the lawn.

In addition to being particularly effective against this harmful insect, iron sulphate is also useful for:

  • Quickly green a yellowed lawn.
  • Eliminate moss in the lawn.
  • Prevent chlorosis of trees and plants.
  • Prevent stains on fruit, etc.

In the spring, you can also grind cabbage leaves and mix everything with the soil from your garden. Natural and effective against cockchafers and other insect pests in the soil.

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