How to get rid of badgers?

natural badger repellentHow to get rid of badgers in your garden? The badger is an animal that can cause great damage in a garden and everywhere on the ground and the lawn.

Although some anti-badger products and traps are effective, they can be very expensive! I therefore offer you some tips and tricks to help you keep away and get rid of badgers once and for all!

1. Drive a badger away from the garden with noise (music)

The first solution that works every time is to scare them away by running a small radio continuously! Here’s how to do this trick:

  1. Determine where the main entrance to the badger’s burrow is located as well as the secondary entrances.
  2. Get a small portable radio that you place directly at the entrance to the burrow.
  3. Hook up small speakers to the radio and place them (along with long electric ones) at the secondary inputs.
  4. Turn on the radio to a loud enough volume and after a few days and nights the badgers will leave your garden.

To avoid damaging the radio set and the loudspeakers, place them in airtight plastic bags and try to place them also inside the burrow (in the entrance) of the badgers.

2. Keep badgers away with essential oils

Whether it is to protect your garden, your garbage cans or your compost bin, certain essential oils can be effective against badgers and raccoons.

What essential oils to use against badgers?

  • lemongrass essential oil
  • lavender essential oil
  • tea tree essential oil

You can therefore soak pieces of fabric with one of these oils or regularly spray a mixture of water and essential oil in places frequented by badgers and other wild animals.

On the other hand, this trick must be repeated often to succeed in effectively keeping badgers away from the garden.

Although it’s rare to see a badger wandering into a garden, there are a few tips and tricks you can use to keep them away from the vegetable patch and seedlings in the spring.

Here are some tips to prevent a badger from destroying your vegetable garden:

  • A fabric soaked in perfume: Soak a string with a perfume or essential oil of lemongrass and surround the whole vegetable garden with this string.
  • A chicken wire: at the very beginning, even before sowing, install a chicken wire directly on the soil of the vegetable garden. Badgers and other wild animals do not like the feeling of walking on such a fence.
  • A motion sensor light: Install one or more lights that are automatically triggered by the slightest movement near the garden. In addition to scaring away badgers, these lights will also keep raccoons, cats and other unwanted animals away.
  • Human hair and smells: another great trick to repel badgers and other garden wildlife is to use hair or even urine…your own urine. Indeed, badgers hate human smells!

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