How to get rid of dandelions?

1. A dandelion puller to remove everything!

To get rid of dandelions and weeds on the lawn for good, nothing better than a dandelion puller. Of course, if you have thousands of dandelion plants all over the lawn, the task of removing them all could be long and laborious.

But to take care of your lawn throughout the summer, the dandelion weeder is certainly the tool you need to remove all the weeds.

The advantage of such a tool is that it allows you to dig up the dandelion roots in depth to prevent the dandelions from growing back later.

Here is a telescopic weeder to easily pull all the dandelions from your beautiful lawn this summer:

Dandelion weed killer

Dandelion weed killer

  • Ergonomic weeder with telescopic handle.
  • Removes dandelions, thistles, nettles and other weeds.
  • Ideal for digging up weeds deep down.

2. Dandelion weedkiller with vinegar

natural dandelion weed killer with vinegar

White vinegar is often used in the preparation of various recipes and natural tips. So if you want to try a homemade dandelion weed killer I recommend white vinegar.

Simple to use against dandelions:

  1. Start by pulling the leaves and flowers off the dandelion plant.
  2. Pour white vinegar in the center of the dandelion and let it act.
  3. Repeat 2 or 3 times to be sure to kill the dandelion root.

It’s important not to overuse white vinegar on dandelions, as this can acidify the soil. You can also dilute the vinegar with water to start.

3. Kill dandelions with boiling water

Boiling water to kill dandelions

If you are looking for a grandma’s remedy for dandelions we have a natural and free solution for you. Indeed, did you know that boiling water can help naturally eliminate dandelions growing in the lawn?

And yes, it is enough to take very hot or better boiling water to successfully eradicate dandelions from a lawn. Simply sprinkle the dandelions on the ground with this boiling water. The dandelions should die off quickly and give way to a beautiful, healthy green lawn after a few days.

Also use hot vinegar water!

To be even more effective as an anti-dandelion trick, I also recommend that you try it with boiling vinegar water. Heated white vinegar is actually very effective to get rid of dandelions and weeds in the lawn.

4. Get rid of dandelions naturally with salt

Similar to weed control in lawns and gravel, coarse salt can be used to kill dandelions naturally. Indeed, salt is an excellent natural and free weedkiller to test on your lawn.

Here’s how to do this dandelion treatment:

  • Remove dandelion flowers and leaves as well as soil from the base of the plant.
  • Then sprinkle coarse salt at the base of the dandelion.
  • Spray a little water on the salt if it’s hot and dry.

As with the previous tip, you can pour a little white vinegar over the salt instead of the water. This will be even more effective in killing dandelions in the lawn.

5. Cut Dandelion Flowers

Another trick to get rid of dandelions in your lawn is to quickly cut the dandelion flowers.

Pass the mower!

As soon as you see several blooming dandelions on your lawn, it’s time to get the mower out. You have to cut the flowers quickly before they go to seed and fly all over your lawn. Unfortunately you will have to resume mowing the lawn several times for a few days, because there will be new dandelion flowers that will grow.

Over the days and weeks the dandelion plants will weaken until they disappear, provided that you also take care of the soil and your lawn. Remember, dandelions and weeds usually form in soils that are too compact and poorly drained.

6. Tool for removing large dandelion plants

If you choose to pull the dandelions manually, it is important to attack the large plants first. You know the dandelion plants with many large rosette leaves.

Be careful to pull out and dig up all the roots of the plants, otherwise you risk seeing other dandelions appear on the lawn very quickly, in a few days.

To help you properly uproot large dandelion plants, you can use a weeding knife to dig up and remove all of the dandelion roots, even the deepest ones.

Tool for removing dandelions

Tool for removing dandelions

  • Very resistant and quality steel weeder knife.
  • 24 cm head for pulling out dandelions and their roots in depth.
  • To remove all weeds in the lawn.

You can also use this weeding tool to remove and scrape weeds from gravel and other surfaces.

7. Is the garden overgrown with dandelions?

Unfortunately, if dandelions and weeds have completely ravaged your beautiful lawn, unfortunately there are not 1000 solutions. You will have to think about plowing your land and sowing again or even laying sod.

But be careful, you have to sow very tightly to give dandelions and weeds no chance to grow again on the new lawn. You will probably need to treat your lawn for weeds 2-3 times a year thereafter to prevent dandelions from growing.

Choose early spring, mid-summer and early fall to treat the lawn against dandelions and weeds!

8. Endure dandelions on the lawn

Why would you want at all costs pluck the dandelions on his lawn?

Why not just pass the mower every week to remove the dandelions at the same time as the grass cutting. In addition, the dandelion plant is not in bloom throughout the summer so why so much effort to want to eliminate dandelions? ?

See how great pictures of dandelions can be taken. ?

dandelion picture

9. A good dandelion salad ?

And yes, why not make yourself a good dandelion salad with your favorite vinaigrette and a few good pieces of bacon?

And yes, did you know that it was possible to eat dandelion leaves (also plantain leaves) in a salad or other dishes? So, what are you waiting for, ask your children to pick the most beautiful dandelions from your lawn!

If you want to try an excellent dandelion salad recipe, here is one from the great chef Ricardo:

Ricardo's Dandelion Salad Recipe

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