How to get rid of dog smell in a house?

How to get rid of dog smell in a house?

Grandmother's tip against dog smell

Having a dog as a pet is great, but other things are less pleasant like the dog smell that spreads all over the house.

We have had a dog for some time at home and believe me the dog smell is not the most pleasant to smell! ? So here are my tips and tricks for removing the dog smell in the house.

1. Wash your dog against odors

Before moving on to anti-odor tips in a house, why not prevent this bad dog smell by tackling your dog’s hygiene!

First wash your dog:

The dog traps bad odors in its hair, which is why it should be regularly washed to prevent these bad odors from spreading in the house. So if you live in the countryside and your dog is often outside having fun in the field wash every 4 weeks is important.

It is important to use a shampoo designed specifically for dogs. To know exactly how to wash a dog, here is our guide on the subject: Tips for washing your dog properly.

Second brush the dog’s teeth:

It’s no secret that a dog very often has bad breath! Unfortunately this bad breath can quickly transform the smell in a room into something very unpleasant.

Good dental hygiene is an excellent thing against bad breath but also for the health of your dog. Your dog will thus have better breath, good dental health and there will therefore be less bad odors in the house.

For good dental hygiene you can use a toothpaste specially designed for dogs. Here’s our complete guide to dog’s breath: Remedy for dog’s bad breath.

2. Clean the inside of the house to eliminate dog smell

If you don’t take the time to thoroughly clean the inside of the house, the dog smell may persist, even if you have just washed your dog.

Here are some simple things to do and clean to eliminate dog odors in a house:

  • Vacuum the entire house twice a week.
  • Wash floors and floors once a week.
  • Dust and clean furniture around the house.
  • Wash dog toys and accessories regularly to remove odors.
  • Deodorize the inside of the house with a diffuser and eucalyptus oil (neutralizes dog odor).

The purpose of these household chores is to remove dog hair and other dirt related to that dog smell in the house.

3. Baking soda as dog odor remover

Baking soda is an effective trick to deodorize the inside of the refrigerator so why not use it against dog odor! ?

If the dog smell still lingers on the fabric couch, hallway rug, or carpets, baking soda is an odor killer to try now.

So here’s how to neutralize dog smell in the house with baking soda:

  1. Sprinkle baking soda on carpets and fabric upholstery.
  2. Leave on for several hours or overnight to thoroughly remove odors.
  3. Next morning vacuum to finish cleaning.

You can also use Terre de Sommières to eliminate dog odors imprisoned in the carpet or even in the fabric sofa.

For all your cleaning and deodorizing tips and tricks here is a large quantity of baking soda at the best price:

Whether it is to do this anti-odor trick or for other tips and tricks on our site, here is some baking soda:

Baking soda

Baking soda

  • Great product for your grandma tricks.
  • Cleans and deodorizes the whole house naturally.
  • Perfect against pet odors, including dog odor.

4. Anti-odor spray against dog odor in the house

Whether it’s to remove the dog smell in a house or other bad ambient odors, here is a simple and easy recipe to make your own sanitizing spray.

To make this dog odor spray you need:

  • 10 parts cold water in a spray bottle.
  • 2 parts white vinegar or cleaning vinegar.
  • 6 to 10 drops of eucalyptus essential oil (depending on the purity of the oil).

Then spray this anti-odor spray on textiles and fabrics in the house such as curtains, carpets, rugs and other fabric furniture.

5. Dog Smell Remedy with Cloves

If you also like to test grandma’s tricks then here is one to do with cloves and lemons to remove the dog smell.

Here’s how to do this dog odor removal trick:

  1. Cut a lemon into quarters and insert cloves into the lemon pieces.
  2. Place the pieces of lemons in different places around the house.
  3. Replace lemons and cloves weekly to control dog odor effectively.

Choose your dog’s favorite places in the house to properly control and eliminate unpleasant odors from the animal.

6. Coffee beans for dog odor

If you’re really in a hurry and need to quickly hide the strong dog and cat smell in the house, we have an infallible tip for you: Coffee!

Indeed, heated coffee beans are an excellent natural deodorant against dog odor and other bad odors in a house.

Heat coffee beans!

Simply heat coffee beans gently to diffuse a very pleasant and effective scent to camouflage pet odors.

Temporary but effective against dog odor!

For having already tried it, this trick is effective in quickly disguising the bad smell of dogs in the house. Perfect if you are expecting a visit for dinner! ? Of course, this trick is temporary as a result.

7. An odor destroyer for the house

If you prefer to have a real product and destroyer of odor for the house then prefer a product which vaporizes instead of a product which diffuses in the air.

There are several spray products to eliminate bad odors from dogs, cats and other pets.

Here is a product that we use on occasion at home to remove our dog’s odor:

odor destroyer

odor destroyer

  • Eliminates dog and cat odors in a home.
  • Restore freshness to the dog’s coat.
  • Scent of red fruits to eliminate bad smells.

8. Don’t walk your dog in the rain

The smell of a wet dog (due to rain or snow) really isn’t pleasant in a house, is it?

A dog that goes for a walk in the rain comes back with a wet coat that causes a form of humidity accompanied by bad smells. So if you can, wait until the rain stops before sending your dog outside to relieve himself.

Let your dog’s hair dry!

If you have no choice then get into the habit of letting your dog dry as long as possible before letting him walk around the house. A small dog mat near the front door is ideal, especially in winter when he comes back all wet every time he goes outside.

9. Anti-odor products for dogs

That’s it, you now know how to prevent and treat bad dog odor in a house.

Buy a dog odor remover:

Here are some anti-odor products that you can buy in a specialized pet store or online:

  • Anti-odour spray for dogs: the anti-odor spray is a product that is sprayed directly on the dog’s hair and which quickly neutralizes the formation of bad odors.
  • Odor control foam for dogs: Mousse or dry shampoo is a product that is easy to apply to the dog’s hair and helps curb the unpleasant dog odor in the house.
  • Anti-odor shampoo for dogs: Finally it is also possible to buy a shampoo (for the dog’s bath) designed expressly for the control and elimination of bad odors in dogs.

No matter what product you buy, I recommend a eucalyptus-based odor remover that helps neutralize dog odor faster in a home.

10. Other Dog Smell Tips

Before you indulge in these tips and tricks, here are some other handy tips for removing and preventing dog odors at home:

  • Ventilate the house to remove the dog smell: It may sound simplistic, but the simple act of airing out the house can help you get rid of dog smell and other unwanted odors quickly. Do not hesitate to open the windows of the house regularly.
  • An air purifier for the home: Of course if you are looking for a really effective device to eliminate dog odors but also to eliminate allergens and pollutants in the air, the air purifier is ideal.
  • Wash the dog’s comforters and stuffed animals: Wash all the dog’s comforters, beds and stuffed animals directly in the washing machine. Add a few drops of essential oil to make the dog’s accessories smell good.
  • Clean the house with white vinegar: Vinegar is indeed an excellent natural product against bad odors. So once a week wash all your surfaces with white vinegar to eliminate the dog smell but also the other bad smells that lurk in the house.
  • Brush your dog’s teeth properly: Indeed, a dog with bad breath in a house is really not pleasant. So take the time to brush the dog’s teeth well 2 to 3 times a week.

If your dog gets sprayed by a skunk, don’t panic, here are some tips and tricks to clean everything up: Remove skunk smell in the house.

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