How to get rid of moles?

How to get rid of moles?

Grandma's remedy for moles

Have you noticed small mounds of dirt and holes in your lawn? If so, they are moles! I know what I’m talking about, every spring the moles wreak havoc in my garden!

So how to get rid of moles? So I present to you my best products and grandmother’s remedies for moles.

1. An effective mole trap

Before moving on to grandmother’s remedies, if you want to quickly solve your mole problem in the garden without waiting any longer then the mole trap is the solution.

A trap to kill moles quickly and effectively!

There are several models and types of traps to get rid of moles in your garden. Some of these traps work with spikes and others work with pliers or scissors that snap shut on the moles.

Reading the most recent reviews and comments on Amazon, it does indeed appear to be a really, really effective mole trap for solving your garden mole problem.

mole trap

mole trap

  • Effective and fast trap to kill moles in your garden.
  • Reusable and easy to install trap in the ground.
  • No bait needed to catch and kill moles.

2. Elder manure against moles

Make elderberry manure to get rid of moles

Surely you know elderberries? Well did you know that elderberry manure is an excellent natural remedy for moles?

Indeed, elderberry manure is a natural and effective mole repellent to test in your garden to prevent moles from digging in your lawn. Here’s how to make your own elderberry manure against moles:

  1. Chop 1kg of elderberry leaves, flowers, berries and stems.
  2. Then immerse the elderberry mixture in 10 liters of cold water.
  3. Let the solution macerate for several hours or better still a whole day and filter the repellent.
  4. Then put the mixture in a watering can and pour the solution into the galleries and holes of the moles (by the mounds).

A natural repellent also effective against field mice!

In addition to being effective in chasing moles from your garden, you can also use elderberry manure to get rid of field mice and even rats.

3. Castor cake against moles

Castor cake is a 100% vegetable fertilizer that can also be used as an insecticide and even as a natural repellent to keep moles away from your lawn.

Thanks to its repellent action, castor cake is an excellent natural remedy to scare away moles, mice and other small rodents naturally.

Where to buy castor oil cake?

You will find castor oil cake in garden centers and even in some supermarkets. If you search a little you can even buy it online at very good prices.

Don’t use castor oil… It doesn’t work for moles!

Indeed, if you think that castor oil can also help scare away moles, well, you’re wrong, it doesn’t work at all! This information can be found on several home remedies sites, but unfortunately it has no effect on moles.

4. Olive Oil Remedy for Moles

Olive oil against moles

A home remedy that seems to work well for moles is olive oil. Personally I have never tested it, but reading reviews here and there online, it really seems to work as a remedy.

Here’s how to use olive oil to scare away moles:

  1. Pour or rather spray a little olive oil all over the lawn.
  2. Pour olive oil directly onto the dirt mounds.
  3. You can also try pouring oil directly into the underground galleries.
  4. Repeat regularly to successfully chase moles effectively from the garden.

On the other hand, if you want my personal opinion, I recommend that you use the trick of elderberry manure which I believe is more effective in the fight against moles than olive oil.

5. Hair against moles

Hair to scare away moles

Did you know that human hair and dog and cat hair can be effective in getting rid of moles naturally?

  1. Store hair and pet hair in an airtight bag.
  2. Scatter the hair over the dirt mounds and directly into the tunnels.
  3. Repeat regularly to effectively scare away moles from the lawn.

As moles have a very keen sense of smell and do not like the smell of hair and hair at all, they will quickly feel threatened and will finally leave the lawn and garden. You can even use this trick to get rid of groundhogs under a shed.

6. Imperial Crown, a natural mole remover

Imperial crown, a mole repellent plant

The Imperial Crown is a pretty flower of course, but also a repellent plant that can be useful to ward off moles naturally.

Here is how to use this plant against moles and where to plant it:

  • Simply plant the flower near the places where the moles are.
  • Plant this plant in the garden and flowerbeds to keep them away permanently.

Imperial crown bulbs give off a smell that moles don’t like at all

Other mole repellent plants to plant in the garden:

  • hyacinth
  • garlic
  • the onion
  • mole grass – Euphorbia lathyris
  • the castor bean
  • the narcissus

7. Cat litter against moles

Instead of wasting a lot of money on mole traps and products, you could very well use kitty litter.

Here’s how to use it to protect your lawn from moles:

  1. Dig a small hole in one of the mole’s tunnels and put a handful of kitty litter in it.
  2. Also sprinkle soiled litter near mounds and other entrances to the lawn.

In addition to the litter box, let your cat hunt moles in the field! Simple and very effective to quickly eliminate all these critters.

8. Ultrasound and Noise Mole Trap

Noise is a great trick to drive away moles from the garden, the vegetable garden and its lawn.

So to scare away moles you can:

  • Stick a stick or metal rod deep into the ground. You can plant them in the various places where moles roam the lawn and where they dig tunnels.
  • Then place a tin can at the end of the stick. You can also fix several with a rope for example to make even more noise and vibration in the ground.

An ultrasonic repellent to ward off moles… Yes or no?

You can also buy an ultrasound device to scare away moles. Unfortunately this type of repellent is not the most effective way to scare away moles. Personally, I have never tested ultrasonic mole traps at home.

9. Firecracker and Mole Remover

Another effective product that can be used to kill moles that are ravaging your lawn and garden is the firecracker system!

Kill moles with the Mole Remover!

If you can’t get rid of moles naturally with our grandmother’s tips and remedies, Le Détaupeur may be a solution to try.

It’s a system that settles and sinks into the ground and when a mole comes near it goes off. A quick and effective way to get rid of moles in your garden.

So here is Le Détaupeur available on Amazon. Go read the reviews and comments, you will not be disappointed.

mole remover

mole remover

  • Get rid of moles in the lawn and garden quickly.
  • Complete kit with 4 firecrackers to kill moles.
  • Easy to set up and very effective as a trap.

10. Tip to avoid against moles

You can really find everything on the Internet and unfortunately not all the tips are really effective against moles.

Here are mole removal products and tips that don’t work or should be avoided:

  • Mothballs: mothballs can be harmful to animals and the environment so you absolutely must avoid this product on your lawn.
  • Baking soda: Although this product is effective against some rodents and insects, baking soda is not effective at all against moles.
  • Cutting stuff: small pieces of glass or very prickly rose branches are not effective against moles. It could even be very dangerous for you, your children and your pets.
  • White vinegar: Although moles don’t like the smell of vinegar, this stuff really does little to scare them off your lawn.

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