How to get rid of moths?


How to get rid of moths?

How to get rid of moths?

In summer, it is common to see moths prowling near the front door, the balcony and the garden. Although harmless, there is nothing funny about seeing a moth enter your house!

2 or 3 times a summer, my wife and I try to hunt moths that manage to sneak into the house! So here are my best homemade tips and repellents to scare away those moths!

1. Moth: watch out for outside lights

The first thing to do to avoid having moths in your house is to keep them away from doors, including the front door, the patio door and the patio door.

It is therefore necessary to pay attention to exterior lighting, especially at the level of exterior lights near doors and windows.

Turn off exterior lights to keep moths away!

Light attracts moths. In addition, each time you open the door of the house, moths will be attracted inside. It is better to avoid turning on the exterior lights of the house, especially if you plan to come back late at night when the insects and butterflies will circle around the lights.

Yellow or white light against moths?

If you really want to turn on the lights outside or near doors and windows, it is better to choose yellow bulbs (warm light). Moths are much less attracted to yellow light than white bulbs (cold light).

Why are moths attracted to light?

Here is a video that explains why moths are attracted to light. You will also discover a multitude of information to better appreciate these butterflies:

2. Plants to repel moths

A natural trick to keep moths away from your garden and your home is to use the repellent odors of certain plants and flowers.

As moths are sensitive to certain « strong » odors you can use these plants and herbs as a repellent:

  • lavender
  • thyme
  • peppermint
  • Rosemary
  • Sage

In addition to repelling moths, these aromatic plants and herbs can also keep caterpillars away from your garden.

If you see a moth in the house you now have to find a way to catch it. As it is a butterfly, you have to be very careful with its wings.

Here’s how to catch it and put it back outside the house:

  1. Take a glass container and gently trap the moth.
  2. Use a large sheet of stiff paper or cardboard and slide it under the glass.
  3. Hold the butterfly in the trap and then release it outside.

You can also use this trap to catch a spider or other insects in the house.

4. Homemade moth repellent

If you’re looking for a way to get rid of moths, as well as a trick to get rid of clothes moths, then here are some homemade natural repellents.

  • cedar wood: a first natural repellent against moths is cedar wood. You can therefore place cedar wood chips in different places on the terrace, the balcony and near the front door and windows.
  • Cloves: uAnother repellent to use to keep moths away from your home is cloves. Place pots with a few cloves near the door, windows and on the balcony.
  • Smoke: Indeed, the smoke repels a multitude of insects including moths as well as mosquitoes and wasps. You can also burn citronella torches for more effectiveness against these insects.

5. Scare away a moth with essential oil

Certain essential oils can also be useful in driving away moths and preventing them from entering the house.

2 ways to use essential oil against moths:

  • Pour from peppermint essential oil on small pieces of fabric that you then place in a few strategic places.
  • Pour from neem essential oil on small pieces of wood that you then place near the front door and the patio door.

7. Moth in the house… Meaning?

As a bonus, how about knowing the meaning of the moth in the house? ?

Beyond the fact that moths are attracted to light, did you know that some people believe that a moth entering a house is a sign of a good omen!

Since the butterfly refers to change, rebirth and transformation, a butterfly in a house can therefore be a good thing for you! ?

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