How to get rid of spider mites?

Natural treatment against spider mitesHow to get rid of small red spiders in the house?

The red spider mite is actually a kind of mite that is often found in gardens and vegetable patches, but also sometimes in our homes!

So if you are looking a solution to eliminate red spider mitesI offer you in this article tips and tricks as well as natural treatments to eradicate them for good!

1. Spider mites in the house and garden

Do you know how to properly recognize spider mites and their presence in the garden and in the house?

You will find red spiders:

  • On vegetables and berries in the vegetable garden.
  • On fruit trees such as apple, pear and plum.
  • On certain conifers including cedars that spider mites love.
  • On green plants and other indoor plants.
  • In the veranda where the heat is sometimes very great and that this type of red mites adore.

So if you see small yellowish dots as well as discoloration and deterioration of the leaves of the plants, it is probably red spider mites.

2. Water your plants to keep spider mites away

A simple trick to keep spider mites away from your indoor plants and your vegetable plants and shrubs in the garden is to water them!

A humid environment rather than a dry one!

Indeed, spider mites love a dry climate! So if the soil for your vegetable plants and green plants is very dry, get the watering can out quickly.

You can also spray a little cold water on the leaves and stems of vegetable plants and green plants to keep these little spiders away.

3. Get rid of spider mites with nettle manure

A natural treatment for spider mites is nettle manure! Nettle manure is indeed an excellent remedy for the garden.

You can use nettle manure for different treatments in the garden and in the vegetable patch:

  • It acts as a preventative and 100% natural antifungal remedy.
  • It acts as a weed killer when nettle manure is pure and concentrated.
  • It acts as a fertilizer rich in potassium, but also in nitrogen.
  • It helps to ward off plant pests like spider mites and other phytophagous mites.

Here is a video that explains all the steps to make your own nettle manure at home:

It is also possible to buy a concentrated nettle manure that you mix with a quantity of water and then spray on your plants and plants.

By reading the opinions of this product you will notice that it is effective against small red spiders!

Naturen Manure of Nettles

Naturen Manure of Nettles

  • Effective against aphids and mites.
  • Up to 4L of preparation.
  • For the vegetable garden and ornamental plants.

4. Natural spider mite treatment and remedy

Here are two 100% natural grandmother’s tips that can help fight red spider mites or rather phytophagous mites.

  • Lemon juice and water solution: If you notice the presence of these little spiders quickly mix water with lemon juice and spray the solution on the leaves and stems of the plants. After a few days of treatment the red spider mites will be eliminated.
  • Onion Juice Remedy: Another natural spider mite remedy is to boil a large yellow onion in 2 cups of water, let cool, and spray the solution on the leaves and stems.

Aphids can also cause many problems for your plants! So here is another article with several tips and remedies to get rid of aphids naturally.

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