How to get rid of weeds in gravel?

How to get rid of weeds in gravel?

Natural weed killer to kill grass in gravel

I myself have a gravel driveway at home and unfortunately the weeds come to spoil the party every year! So how to get rid of it?

Today I bring you my top tips and natural weed killers to effectively kill weeds in gravel.

1. Tool for removing weeds between slabs

Before I talk about my tips and recipes for natural gravel and driveway weed killers, I need to tell you about a slab tool.

Grass growing between patio slabs?

Do you have a weed problem between the patio slabs and your driveway pavers? It can be difficult to effectively pull out weeds and moss growing in gravel and between slabs and pavers.

The scraper is therefore the ideal tool for removing weeds, but also the moss that grows in the gravel.

weeder knife

weeder knife

  • Perfect tool for weeding between slabs and pavers.
  • For weed-free joints and wall edges.
  • Ideal for eliminating weeds and moss.

2. Kill Weeds in Gravel with Coarse Salt

coarse salt to kill weeds

Did you know that salt can be a great natural weed killer for killing weeds in a gravel driveway?

Indeed, here is how to remove weeds in the gravel or between the patio slabs:

  • Sprinkle the coarse salt directly on the weeds and between the flagstones.
  • Spray a little water to dissolve the salt or better white vinegar.
  • Repeat for a few days to kill all weeds.

This salt and vinegar based weed killer is effective in gravel and rock. Don’t use it in turf because you risk killing the grass around the weeds.

Table salt and salt to deglaze against weeds:

If you don’t have coarse salt at home, you can also use table salt, which is also effective, but on a smaller scale. Also, de-icing salt can also prevent weeds from growing in your driveway, gravel and sidewalk.

3. Natural Gravel Weed Killer with White Vinegar

kill weeds in gravel with vinegar

If you are looking for a quick way to make gravel weed killer then white vinegar is the way to go!

Here is how to prepare this weed killer:

  • Mix 2 cups of white vinegar with 2 cups of water.
  • Add 2 tablespoons coarse salt and 1/2 cup liquid dish soap.
  • Mix well and spray the weed killer directly on the weeds.
  • Repeat daily to successfully kill and prevent weeds from growing in the gravel.

Prefer the application of this natural weedkiller when it is hot and sunny. It will be even more effective against these weeds:

  • dandelions
  • couch grass
  • plantains
  • field horsetails
  • wild strawberries
  • crabgrass

4. Kill weeds with cooking water

A grandma’s recipe for killing weeds is to use cooking water. Well I don’t know if it’s boiling water or vegetable juice or a combination of both, but it seems to work well for getting rid of weeds naturally in gravel.

  • Boil potatoes or other vegetables in a large saucepan.
  • Remove the vegetables and bring to a boil for a few minutes and pour the boiling water directly over the weeds.

Personally I use this boiling water trick to kill weeds in the gravel, but also between patio slabs.

You can also pour boiling water (or better, hot vinegar) over the weeds in the lawn. This is an effective way to get rid of dandelions in your lawn.

5. Weed gravel with baking soda

Another natural trick to weed your gravel driveway or pavement is to use baking soda!

Here’s how to make this homemade gravel weed killer:

  1. Sprinkle baking soda in the center and around the weed.
  2. Then spray a mixture of water and vinegar on the baking soda and leave to act.
  3. Repeat for a few days to completely get rid of weeds.

You can also pour boiling water in small quantities so that this weed control tip be even more efficient.

6. Kill weeds with bleach

There are many people who use bleach for a thousand and one uses in the house and outside, in nature. But know that bleach is really bad for the environment so why would you want to use it to kill weeds?!

Yes, bleach is effective against weeds, but above all very harmful to the environment!

Remember this, if bleach can kill weeds and grass imagine what it can kill in the soil too…

So before using bleach as a gravel weedkiller think about the impact this product can have on the environment, animals and insects.

7. The geotextile to prevent grass from growing in the gravel

If you are looking for a solution to prevent and prevent grass from growing in gravel then geotextile is a great idea.

Simply place a geotextile fabric on the ground before placing the gravel or even before installing the slabs and pavers. This fabric will prevent grass from growing by creating a barrier between the soil and the gravel.

The downside is that after a few years the geotextile becomes less effective against weeds. You are definitely going to be compelled to use one of our other tips and tricks offered in this guide.

8. Thermal weed killer to kill weeds

Whether in gravel or between slabs and cobblestones, an effective way to prevent grass from growing there is heat, fire!

The thermal weeder is a really effective weeding tool to kill or rather burn all the weeds growing in the gravel. It is therefore ideal for preventing grass from growing in your gravel driveway.

But beware, this is a gardening tool to be used only on gravel or on slabs and paving stones.

Thermal weeder

Thermal weeder

  • To destroy weeds in gravel.
  • For effective, fast and pesticide-free weeding.
  • Ideal for preventing grass from growing in gravel and between flagstones.

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