How to grow a plant faster?

How to grow a plant faster?

Grow plants faster

Indoor or outdoor plant, I like to see my plants grow and grow over the days and weeks. But how do you grow your plants well?

Here are my top tips and tricks for growing plants faster in the garden and around the house.

1. Grow plant seedlings indoors

The first trick to make a plant grow faster is to start the seedlings indoors, in the house. It is ideal for growing outdoor plants, but also vegetable plants in the garden.

  1. Use a quality potting soil with natural peat to promote seedling growth.
  2. Keep the soil slightly moist at all times to grow the plants well.
  3. Wait until the plants have grown enough and the temperature is adequate to transplant the plants outside.

If you are looking for tips and tricks on how to germinate different seeds of plants, flowers and vegetables, I recommend this other article: Tips for germinating seeds.

2. The right lighting to grow plants

The vast majority of indoor plants need light, either from a natural source such as the sun or from artificial light.

So how do you give your houseplants the right lighting in the house? Here are some easy solutions:

  • Place the plant on the edge of a window to give it as much natural light as possible.
  • Let natural light into the home by opening curtains, blinds and other window treatments.
  • Move and rotate your plant on its own to give it even lighting throughout the day.
  • Place the green plants on the balcony in the sun during the day if the outside temperature allows it of course.

Lighting is very important for the growth of your plants in the house and in the garden. But be careful, because some plants can react badly to too much light, so follow the appropriate care depending on the type of plant to be grown.

3. Grow a plant faster with coffee grounds

A grandma’s trick that helps plants grow faster is to use coffee grounds. Here’s how to do this trick:

  1. Collect the coffee grounds and mix a small amount with the soil of the plant.
  2. Add more coffee grounds as needed, especially to grow plants well outdoors.

In addition to being rich in nitrogen (ideal for plant nutrition), coffee grounds promote faster growth of plants, flowers and vegetables in the garden.

4. Banana peel for plants

Did you know that banana peel can be used to nourish your plants and shrubs and especially to have beautiful roses naturally?

As banana peel is very rich in minerals, here is how to use it to grow plants:

  1. Collect several banana peels and cut them into small pieces.
  2. Add these pieces of banana peels directly into the soil of the plants.
  3. Repeat 2-3 times during the season to grow your plants well.

You can also add your banana peels directly to the compost bin along with coffee grounds and eggshells to make a great natural plant food.

5. Water the plants with the cooking water

Another great trick that helps plants grow faster is to use cooking water. Here’s how to do this trick:

  1. Recover the cooking water from your pasta or potato (unsalted water only).
  2. Let the cooking water cool and water the plants with this water.
  3. Repeat weekly to make plants grow faster.

This mineral-rich water is ideal for naturally nourishing and growing your garden plants and green plants.

6. Grow plants with fireplace ashes

Wood or fireplace ash is a grandmother’s trick that nourishes the soil and therefore promotes the growth of plants and shrubs.

  1. Collect ashes from the fireplace and let them cool down before using them in the garden.
  2. Sprinkle ashes on the surface of the soil and lightly water the soil to make it moist.
  3. The roots of your plants will feed on the phosphorus and potash contained in the ash.

It is an excellent natural fertilizer to grow your plants, but also to fertilize your garden and your lawn naturally.

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