How to have a beautiful green and dense lawn?

How to have a beautiful green and dense lawn?

How to have a beautiful lawn?

Having a nice green, dense, weed-free lawn is the wish of many people, especially my neighbours. ? Time and effort are nevertheless necessary to have a beautiful healthy lawn!

Summer is my favorite season, I love taking care of my land and my lawn! So here are my best tips and tricks for having a beautiful green lawn this summer.

1. Have a long lawn

To have a beautiful, dense and healthy lawn throughout the summer, it is very important to maintain a certain height of grass.

A height of 10 cm is ideal for having a beautiful lawn all summer long!

The ideal height of the lawn should therefore be around 3 or 4 inches, or about 10 centimeters. A long lawn will be much more resistant during a drought than a lawn that is too short, in addition to giving weeds no chance to grow.

How to make your lawn grow faster?

If you are looking for tips and advice to grow your lawn faster, I recommend reading this other article: How long does the grass grow? You will find tips to promote the growth of your lawn this summer.

2. When to mow to have a beautiful lawn?

You should never mow your lawn when it is too wet, whether after the rain or because of the morning dew for example.

You must therefore cut the grass when it seems perfectly dry. Thus, the lawn will be less damaged during the cut and the lawn will be less at risk against insects and parasites.

Wait until the grass reaches 10 cm!

As you now know, you have to wait until the grass is 10 cm high (minimum) before mowing your lawn.

A sharp mower blade!

Always keep your mower blade sharp. Otherwise your blade may rip the grass rather than cut it well.

Which mower to choose for your lawn?

Manual mower or electric mower to mow your lawn? I present to you this guide: Best manual and electric mower. You will find some models, opinions and comments to choose the best mower according to your needs.

3. Water well to have a beautiful lawn

Watering the lawn is an essential element to have a beautiful lawn throughout the summer, especially during hot days or worse during a drought.

For a new lawn:

For a new lawn, it is very important to water abundantly during the first weeks, especially if it is very hot and sunny. Water for at least 30 minutes per area to thoroughly wet the soil.

Sod needs lots and lots of water for the first two weeks after laying. This will ensure you have a dense and healthy lawn.

For a mature lawn:

If the lawn is at a good height, the nights are relatively cool and it is wet 1 or 2 days a week, there is no need to water it manually.

On the other hand, if the weather is very hot or worse than it is drought then it is absolutely necessary to water the lawn, and this, several times a week. Watering will also help against dog urine which causes stains and burns in the lawn.

4. Reseed in the spring

To have a beautiful, dense, weed-free lawn, take the time to tour your land and check the places where there is a lack of grass in order to reseed in these places.

For a dense and healthy lawn!

Reseeding is an excellent idea to have a beautiful, dense and well-furnished lawn. You can add good gardening soil or better compost at the same time as you reseed the lawn. I recommend that you sow the lawn in April or May depending on where you live.

Thanks to these new seeds, your lawn will be less prone to harmful insects and the growth of weeds.


How do you expect to have a great lawn if you don’t take the time to tackle the weeds that are invading your lawn?

There are many natural weedkillers and tricks to kill weeds and kill dandelions:

  • Coarse salt
  • white vinegar
  • Cooking water (rice, pasta and potato)
  • Baking soda
  • Nettle manure

You can also use tools and weeders to easily remove weeds in your lawn:

weeder knife

weeder knife

  • Ideal for deep weed removal.
  • Eliminates deep roots in the lawn.
  • Ideal against dandelions and thistles.

6. Aerate the soil of your lawn in the spring

Another simple and really effective trick to have a beautiful lawn this spring is to aerate it.

Make holes in the ground!

Use an aerator roller or other gardening tools (such as a pitchfork) to poke small holes in the lawn. If your soil is very compact, aeration is the solution to improve the appearance of its soil and thus have a beautiful lawn.

These small holes will help the lawn and the soil to breathe better in addition to allowing the water to infiltrate well into the soil in depth. Ideal for having a beautiful green and very dense lawn this summer.

7. A fertilizer to have a beautiful green and dense lawn

Another trick to have a beautiful lawn is of course to give it a little « boost » thanks to a fertilizer and lawn fertilizer.

Rather than buying fertilizer from the store, why not make your own natural lawn fertilizer? Here is a simple recipe for organic compost fertilizer:

  1. In a large bucket add 1/3 organic compost and 2/3 water.
  2. Close with a lid and leave the mixture to macerate for a week.
  3. Filter the mixture and dilute with water before using this fertilizer on the lawn.

Prepare and spray your lawn 3 times during the season to have the most beautiful lawn in the neighborhood!

8. Do you have ant nests in the lawn?

Finally, how do you manage to have a nice lawn if you let the ants make their nest all over the land?

So how to destroy an ant nest on a lawn?

The best trick for quickly destroying an anthill in its grass is to use cornstarch.

  1. Sprinkle cornstarch on and around ant nests.
  2. Add more cornstarch for 2-4 days to kill all the ants.

This miracle ingredient will kill an ant nest naturally in just a few days!

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