How to have beautiful eyes?

Grandma's recipe for beautiful white and shiny eyesHow to have beautiful eyes naturally?

Having beautiful, bright, white eyes is possible with a few gestures and beauty treatments for the eyes. Makeup can of course work miracles, but it’s only camouflage!

Thus, the 10 tips and tricks to have beautiful eyes that will be offered to you in this article are not only aesthetic, but also fun.

1. Beautiful eyes without dark circles or puffiness

First of all, you should know that even the best made up and whitest eyes will not be at their peak of beauty if you have bags and dark circles under the eyelids.

The trick of the cucumber under the eyes!

A natural trick to have beautiful eyes without bluish circles is to apply a slice of cucumber under the eyes.

  1. Always use the freshest, coldest cucumber possible.
  2. Slice 2 slices of cucumbers and apply them on your eyes.
  3. Leave the cucumber on the eyes for 15 to 30 minutes morning and evening.

This trick helps to reduce the appearance of bags under the eyes, but also to whiten or rather lighten dark circles to make them less visible.

2. A good diet for the health and beauty of the eyes

Food is another important element to consider for the health and beauty of the eyes. Whether it is to have beautiful eyes or to help lighten and whiten the whites of the eyes, the choice of your diet is essential.

For beautiful healthy white eyes you need to eat:

  • spinach
  • kale
  • carrots
  • some salmon
  • Grapes
  • chickpeas
  • broccoli

Don’t forget to drink water too!

Indeed, the simple act of drinking plenty of water will help your eyes to be much whiter and brighter!

3. Sleep well to have whiter eyes

If you are really looking for the best thing to regain the whites of your eyes, then sleep is the best solution!

It may seem like a really simplistic trick, but it’s true, a good night’s sun helps to find the whites of the eyes.

The whites of the eyes… Red or yellow!

If you’re like me and sometimes work very late at night or worse at night, you know how puffy, red and even a little yellow the eyes will be the next morning.

So, allow yourself a good night’s sleep today and you will notice that the whites of your eyes are much whiter tomorrow morning.

4. Grandma’s recipe for white eyes

There are various recipes and grandmother’s remedies on the Internet that are supposed to help get white eyes, but is it really a good idea?

One of those grandma recipes is to use lemon juice to whiten the eyes!

I strongly advise against it! A simple taste of lemon juice on the tongue and you wince so now imagine dropping a drop of lemon directly in your eye! OUTCH!

Honey, another grandmother’s remedy to whiten the eyes!

Did you know this trick which consists of putting a drop of honey in the eye? There are many sites and blogs that seem to say it’s a miracle cure for beautiful, bright white eyes, but you have to be very careful…VERY CAREFUL!

As honey is a non-sterile product, it can actually be dangerous for the health of your eyes, which can cause infections and even lesions.

5. Have you ever used the ice cubes?

For beautiful eyes and to have a less tired look and face, the ice cube remedy is really very effective in giving radiance to the eyes and reducing bluish circles.

Replace the slice of cucumber with an ice cube!

So if you don’t have a cucumber in the fridge, replace it with very cold ice cubes which will have the effect of reducing the size of dark circles under your eyes.

But be careful, the ice cubes are very cold, it is better to wrap them in a small cloth so as not to burn the skin under the eyes (which is very fragile) with the ice cubes.

How about a cooling eye mask?

This type of mask is ideal for having beautiful, radiant eyes, but also useful against insomnia, headaches, puffy eyes and even against wrinkles and swelling.

cooling eye mask

cooling eye mask

  • Refreshing mask with gel beads.
  • Reduces puffiness and wrinkles around the eyes.
  • A good trick to have beautiful eyes naturally.

6. To stop having puffy eyes

Want to try another grandmother remedy for puffy eyes

? So why not use chamomile!

This beauty tip consists of:

  • Place a bag of chamomile tea or herbal tea in the fridge overnight.
  • Upon waking, place the tea bag on the eyes and eyelids to reduce puffy eyes.
  • Keep them in place for 15 to 20 minutes and repeat for a few days to stop puffy, dark circles.

7. Have beautiful eyes with concealer

If the dark circles are already well established, you can reduce their appearance with the help of a concealer in a color that complements the dark circles, which is much more effective.

Here is which concealer to choose according to the color of the dark circles:

  • A peach concealer for dark circles.
  • A yellow concealer for purple dark circles.
  • An orange concealer for bluish dark circles.

Concealer and corrector

Concealer and corrector

  • Concealer and corrector for difficult mornings.
  • Also helps conceal wrinkles.
  • Natural finish and good hold.

How to whiten the whites of the eyes naturally and remove redness? We will not speak here of removing, but of reducing the appearance of this redness at the level of the white of the eye.

A line of makeup pencil!

So you can apply a line of blue makeup pencil on the inside of the lower eyelid to achieve a whiter eye effect. It is thanks to the bluish color that we have the impression of having the whites of the eyes much whiter and brighter.

You still have to be careful with this make-up technique so as not to irritate the eye and risk having even redder eyes.

9. Tips and tricks to have beautiful eyes naturally

Before you let yourself go and try all these remedies and products, here are some other tips and tricks for having beautiful eyes naturally:

  • Protect your eyes from the sun: The sun’s rays can indeed damage the skin around the eyes. So just like for the body and the face, apply sunscreen to the skin around the eyes.
  • Wear sunglasses: Smoke, pollution and other dirt in the air can be very damaging to the eyes. So wear sunglasses, especially if you live in a city where pollution is very present.
  • Take care of your eyelashes: Who says having beautiful eyes necessarily says having beautiful and long eyelashes! So choose a quality mascara and in the evening apply a little castor oil to make the eyelashes grow and strengthen them.

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