How to have beautiful lips naturally?

How to have beautiful lips?

Many, women in particular, want to have beautiful, soft and well-defined lips. Beautiful lips bring an additional touch of femininity, and are thus a major asset.

With some care and the right products in hand, it is possible to improve and beautify your lips. 10-Trucs offers you tips and tricks to have beautiful lips.

1. Start by making a lip scrub

To have beautiful lips, you must start by removing dead skin. This is done using the softest scrub possible, so as not to irritate the delicate skin of the lips.

Exfoliation should be done before applying lipstick, followed by moisturizing lip care.

10-Trucs offers you a purifying scrub designed for the face and lips. Here is a scrub with 3 sugars from L’Oréal Paris:

2. Homemade lip scrub recipe

You can also make your own homemade lip scrub. Indeed, here is how to have beautiful lips naturally, using this homemade lip scrub recipe:

  • 1 teaspoon of sugar
  • 1 teaspoon liquid honey

Mix the two ingredients, and gently exfoliate the skin of your lips with this mixture in small circular movements. Rinse with lukewarm water, and pat dry gently.

3. Apply a moisturizing lip balm

For beautiful lips, they must be well hydrated. All kinds of moisturizing balms exist. You can even if you prefer to make your own homemade lip balm.

These balms will hydrate your lips to leave them very soft. They will directly combat dry, cracked lips.

These balms can be used alone, or under lipstick. On the other hand, you will need to give your skin time to fully absorb the moisturizer before applying your lipstick.

10-Trucs offers you below a balm specially designed for dry and damaged lips.

Lip balm

Lip balm

  • With nourishing shea butter
  • Also contains aloe and beeswax
  • Nourishes and hydrates dry lips

4. Put on shiny lipstick

To emphasize your beautiful lips, it is certain that wearing a shiny lipstick or a gloss will make your lips beautiful, radiant and even fuller!

You can choose a stick lipstick that contains micro-glitter, or a naturally shimmering gloss.

5. Choose a moisturizing lipstick

Here’s how to take good care of your lips: moisturize them! In addition to moisturizing creams and balms, opt for lipsticks with a built-in moisturizing formula.

Not only will you have beautiful colored lips, but they will also be hydrated, soft and healthy.

6. Apply lip liner for plump lips

The lip liner will add dimension to your lips. If your lips are too small or too thin, you can make the pencil line slightly outside your lips to enlarge them.

In addition, the lip liner helps to define the mouth well and prevents the lipstick from drifting towards the fine lines around your lips.

7. Use a lip contour cream

To prevent small wrinkles that form around the mouth, it is important to erase and moisturize this part of the face as well.

You can start with a regular moisturizer, but as you get older it will be good to use an anti-aging cream designed for the lip area.

8. Apply a protective balm against the cold

In winter, it would be wise to apply more than just a moisturizing lip balm. Indeed, the cold and dry air of our homes make our lips tend to dry out and crack.

There are lip balms designed specifically for winter that further protect lips against extreme cold and chapping.

Do not hesitate to apply this type of protective balm under your lipstick, for beautiful lips all year round.

9. Almond oil for beautiful soft lips

Wondering how to have beautiful soft and smooth lips? Sweet almond oil is excellent for softening and softening the skin.

Simply apply a little sweet almond oil on your lips to have soft, satiny and incredibly beautiful lips. Do this every day, especially after a scrub.

Here is sweet almond oil that you can use to have beautiful lips:

Sweet almond oil

Sweet almond oil

  • Sweet almond oil, 100% natural and refined. INCI/Synonym: Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis.
  • Odorless, pale yellow in color, light and easily absorbed by the skin. The oil is…
  • Used for massages, aromatherapy, skin and hair care, skin cleansing…
  • Sweet Almond Birth Oil is very popular for massages, alone or mixed with…


  • natural skin cleanser
  • Natural makeup remover
  •  » ]

    10. Avoid biting your lips

    Many people have the bad habit of constantly biting and licking their lips. Thus, the lips become cracked, cut and dry. The skin tears off and it’s not pretty.

    To have beautiful lips, you must at all costs avoid biting and licking your lips.

    11. Protect your lips from the cold

    Winter has negative effects on the skin, especially the delicate skin of the lips. In extremely cold weather, it will be important to cover your mouth well to protect your lips from the cold.

    Wear a scarf, or neck warmer, that can cover you as much as possible. How the cold sometimes wreaks havoc on the lipsalways have a restorative lip balm on you and apply it often, in addition to wrapping them up behind a warm scarf.

    12. Apply sunscreen to protect your lips

    If you plan to stay in the sun for long hours, whether in summer or winter, apply facial sunscreen to your lips.

    You can also opt for a lip balm that contains sun protection to protect your lips as much as possible!

    It’s the best way to have beautiful pink lips naturallyand which will not dry out because of the sun.

    If your lips are very thin or their contour is uneven, there is a trick to improve the appearance of your lips:

    • Outline your lips using a lip liner the same color as your lipstick. If you want to make your lips look fuller and bigger, draw the line a little outside of your natural mouth line. You can also take the opportunity to make your lips more symmetrical and regular.
    • Apply your lipstick as usual, slightly overlapping the pencil line.
    • For beautiful luscious lips, then apply a little gloss to the center of your lips.
    • Then finish with a lipstick fixer, for a long-lasting effect.

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