How to have beautiful long hair?

Have beautiful, long and healthy hair!

Having long, flamboyant hair worthy of Hollywood stars is certainly the dream of many women. However, a long hair requires special care to remain resplendent.

10 Tips therefore offers you 10 tips for having beautiful long hair. Happy reading girls!

1. Watch out for split ends

In order to maintain the neat appearance of your long hair, you must avoid the presence of split ends at all costs. That’s why a regular visit to your hairdresser to cut split ends will give your hair a well-groomed appearance.

You can also perform this operation yourself if you are equipped with good hairdressing scissors and are skilled enough. Otherwise, ask a friend for help.

2. Use fabric-wrapped rubber bands

If you’re sporty and tend to tie up your long hair, avoid doing so with rubber bands. Instead, use fabric-wrapped elastics to avoid damaging your long hair. This will prevent you from causing trauma to the point of attachment of your hair and having the hair broken at this precise place.

3. Avoid low-quality hair accessories

In the same vein, avoid all poor quality accessories that is to say unsheathed to avoid the same kind of problem on your long and mid-length hair. This includes headbands, headbands and barrettes.

4. Are you a fan of swimming in the pool?

If you are a fan of swimming in the pool, especially, remember that chlorine tends to discolor hair, especially red or blond hair. Also, rinse them as soon as you get out of the water and let them air dry. This will keep your long hair looking great. Also, why not wear a swim cap before you dip your head in the water?

5. A moisturizer for long hair

During the long winter months, apply a moisturizing hair care to your long hair to keep it shiny and prevent it from drying out since the atmosphere of the house is often very dry there. Your long hair will always be well hydrated. This is true for long hair but also for short and mid-length hair.

6. Rinse your long hair with cold water

When rinsing your long hair, avoid too hot water and prefer cold or lukewarm water instead. This closes the scales of the hair and retains their shine. Your long hair will therefore be even shinier and shinier. A trick to do also on all other types of hair sizes.

7. Vinegar on long hair?

To add more shine to your beautiful, long hair, finish the rinse with a drizzle of vinegar or lemon juice. Of course this trick is just as good on short hair as it is on long hair.

8. let your hair air dry

Let your hair air dry as often as possible and avoid any heat source that can damage it. Ban hair dryers, curling irons, hot rollers and flat irons from your daily habits. Use it only when necessary to keep your long hair healthy.

9. Your hair…Not too tight!

Avoid resorting to hair-tight hairstyles too often. If the buns and the braids are very pretty, the fact remains that they often break the hair and end up making it dull.

10. Beware of chemical attacks

Finally, avoid chemical attacks on your hair from different products such as stripping shampoos, perms and colorings. By dint of using them, they end up damaging the sheath of the hair and making it dull. Your long hair will lose its shine as a result, which we don’t want!

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