How to have warm hands?

How to have warm hands?

Some people have cold hands more often than others. This is of course something unpleasant since the cold can bring discomfort as well as pain.

If you have cold hands all the time, here are 10 tips against cold hands.

1. Place your hands in hot water

To warm your hands, hot water is of course an excellent trick to try!

Thus, your blood vessels will not be able to close and your hands will be less cold. Be careful not to use too hot water.

2. Drink hot apple juice

The sugar in the juice provides energy to the body and when the latter is hot it further activates the heat. A good tip to stop having cold hands and even cold feet.

3. Make circular movements with the arms

Make circular movements with your arms so that the blood goes more efficiently to your fingertips.

4. Wear a hat against cold hands

And yes! The body loses a lot of heat through the head! So keep your head warm to keep your extremities warm too!

5. Don’t freeze your fingers while driving

If your car steering wheel is too cold, you will freeze your hands even more! So buy a ruffle cover to keep your hands warmer. You can also buy yourself a pair of gloves perfect for winter driving.

6. Prefer mittens to gloves

By wearing mittens, your fingers stick to each other and therefore keep the heat better in your hands and fingers.

7. Don’t stand still for too long

If, for example, you watch TV while always remaining in the same position for a long time, the extremities of your body, including your hands, will catch cold. The blood will not circulate sufficiently.

8. Sticking your hands on someone else’s skin

Of course, it may not be very fun for the other person, but with his agreement, place your hands on his warm body so that it warms your cold hands.

9. Sticking his hands under his clothes

If you don’t have someone else’s skin, you can also lay your hands on your own body. Keep your hands under your clothes, glued to your skin.

10. Watch out for frostbitten fingers and hands

Of course, if your hands are always cold, it is even more important to protect them to avoid painful frostbite.

Here are some tips and tricks to avoid getting frozen hands:

  • Protect hands with gloves or mittens in cold weather.
  • Move hands and fingers to promote blood circulation.
  • Apply tiger balm to the hands to protect them.

To find out how to use tiger balm and other frostbite remedies, read this article: Tiger balm and frostbite.

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