How to heat your swimming pool for free… Or almost

How to heat your pool naturally and quickly?

How about raising the temperature of your pool water by a few degrees this summer using a simple, effective and free tip for many? A free tip or at least a lot cheaper than a real store-bought pool heater.

Find out below tips for heating your pool and thus increase the temperature by about 5 or 6 degrees thanks to the sun.

1. How long to heat a swimming pool in the sun?

Before moving on to the tips and tricks for heating your pool for free and of course do you know how long it can take to heat a pool only with the sun?

This is a difficult question to answer, as there are many factors to consider such as:

  • The surface of the pool.
  • The volume of water in the pool.
  • Sunshine.
  • The outside temperature.
  • Is it an above ground or inground pool?
  • The orientation of the pool.
  • Presence or not of a solar bubble cover, etc.

It can be said that a swimming pool will warm up on average by 1 to 2 degrees in 24 hours. The problem is at night, when the outside temperature drops and the pool water will lose a few degrees.

On consecutive hot days, a pool can easily warm up by 3 to 5 degrees. But during the night, it will lose 2 or 3 degrees hence the average of 1 to 2 degrees in 24 hours.

2. Heat a pool with a black hose

It is indeed possible with the help of 3/4 inch black pipes to heat the pool water or at least to increase the temperature by a few degrees during the summer season. According to users of this trick you can expect to increase pool water temperature by around 5 to 8 degrees at best.

For this water heater system to be really effective, several hundred feet of pipes must be installed in a circle or spiral, as in the photo shown below.

You must also install this solar heating system on the roof of the house or on the roof of the shed or garden shed to capture as much sunlight as possible.

heat the pool water, heat the pool water,

If you prefer to see a video that explains in detail all the steps, tools and accessories needed to make your own solar water heater for the swimming pool here is one in French.

You will find several interesting information to create this « homemade » pool heater yourself. Of course you can adapt this manufacture of solar water heater according to the tools, materials and tools you have at home. But basically it gives really good ideas to create your own device to heat your pool at a lower cost.

4. Choose the right pipe to heat your pool

It is important to choose the right size of pipes to build an efficient and effective solar water heater. It is important not to exceed 3/4 inch otherwise the water will not be hot enough when it comes out of the pool. Also, it is important to roll up a minimum of 150 meters and even better 200 meters of black hose for maximum efficiency to be sure to heat the pool properly.

For example, you can buy an irrigation pipe for the garden that you simply transform into a water heater for the swimming pool.

5. Buy a solar kit to heat the water in your swimming pool

If you don’t have the talent or the time to build your own solar water heating system then buying a ready-made kit might be a good idea for you. Some solar water heaters are installed on the roof of a shed or a garden shed and other models directly on the ground on the lawn.

Here is a solar heating panel that can be easily installed next to the pool on the lawn or on a support provided for this purpose. You can of course connect several panels to heat a large swimming pool for example.

solar heating panel

solar heating panel

  • Economical and efficient solar heating system
  • Rapid increase in water temperature
  • TOP quality price!

6. A solar bubble cover for the swimming pool

Of course, if you want to keep the heat of the water in the pool on cool nights, don’t forget to buy and install the cover on the water every day. This bubble cover is ideal for keeping the water warm and even increasing its temperature by a few degrees during hot summer days.

You can buy it online now for fast delivery within a few days right here. Several sizes available for all types of pools.

Pool solar cover

Pool solar cover

  • Helps retain water heat
  • To avoid losing 4 or 5°C overnight
  • 70 sizes available

So before investing in the purchase of an electric or gas water heater system or even an electric heat pump, why not try these homemade tips for heating the pool water this summer.

If you are not completely satisfied then nothing prevents you from making the purchase next year for the next bathing season.

Of course, if you want to heat the pool water quickly, efficiently and constantly, the only “real” solution is the heat pump.

It’s not free like our other cheats and solutions on this page but maybe it’s the right one for you. Indeed, to heat a swimming pool quickly and easily, the purchase of a heat pump is ideal.

Zodiac, Poolex, Astral, Hayward… All brands of quality heat pumps at different prices, depending on your budget and your type of pool.

8. A pool and SPA heater

In addition to our tips with pipes for heating a swimming pool and heat pumps proposed above, know that it is also possible to opt for a heater!

This type of device, as its name suggests, makes it possible to heat the water in a swimming pool. Of course, it is above all effective for heating the water of an above-ground swimming pool or a SPA.

10-Trucs offers you below a NANO heater model:

Swimming pool heater

Swimming pool heater

  • Easy installation, robust and durable
  • For swimming pool and SPA up to 20 m3
  • Thermostat from 0° to 40°C

If you are rather looking for ideas to make a home made swimming pool then these other ideas will interest you: Make a straw bale swimming pool.

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