How to hide gray hair?

How to hide white hair?

Of course, everyone staves off old age and just like wrinkles, gray hair is also the sworn enemy of modern-day men and women.

If you start to have white hair or if your hair is going completely white, it may be normal to want to hide it. 10 Tips therefore offers you 10 tips and products to hide and cover the oh so undesirable white hair.

Tips and tricks to hide gray hair:

1. A dye to hide white hair

Many dyes can help camouflage white hair or gray hair. Whether it’s dyes given in salons or tone-on-tone hair colors sold in stores and online, these dyes will help temporarily camouflage gray hair.

But like any hair dye or coloring it is temporary as a result. Your white hair will appear again after a few weeks.

Hide white hair roots

If you are used to covering your white hair with dye or coloring then what do you do with the white roots when the hair grows back? There are products to hide white hair regrowth including hair mascara, touch-up powder and other hair products.

Here is a product that can be used to hide gray or white hair or the color of regrowth between 2 shampoos:

If you are really looking more for a solution for gray hair these other tips and tricks will please you: Gray hair, what to do?

2. Lighten your hair to camouflage white hair

If you have natural dark hair it is normal to notice white or gray hair over time. So why not fade your hair to camouflage unwanted white hair?

Less white on blond hair than on brown hair!

Indeed, white hair appears less white on blond or chestnut hair than on brown or black hair, for example.

So if you want your white hair to go more unnoticed, you can always lighten your hair. Coloring or dyeing is therefore a solution for you.

For a longer duration and to avoid attacking your hair with commercial coloring, it is better to go directly to a hairdressing salon.

3. Hide white hair for a man

Men also may want to cover white hair, it’s completely normal. Did you know that there are products specially designed for men with gray and white hair?

For those who wish to go further than simply hiding white hair then there are coloring products for gray and white hair.

Camouflage your white and gray hair for several weeks!

For a natural result in the medium term, the coloring specially designed to fade gray and white hair is the solution for a truly natural look.

Here is a coloring in the form of a recoloring gel:

4. Highlights to hide white hair

Another trick to help hide gray hair is to highlight it. But what wicks and what color of wicks to choose to hide white hair precisely?

From lighter locks to camouflage white hair!

Indeed, in the absence of having a total discoloration of the hair, you can also have highlights made lighter than the natural color of the hair.

They can be in large strips or very thin for a much more natural look. Of course you have to choose a wick color that will harmonize well with the natural color of your hair.

If you can choose pale locks, blond or brown for example, it will be even more effective in hiding white hair.

5. 30% white hair

If white hair covers about 30% of your hair, you should opt for an ammonia-free color that will gradually fade after several shampoo washes.

Of course you must repeat this hair coloring more regularly in order to cover white hair and gray hair.

If white hair represents a higher proportion then go to the next tip to find out how to camouflage it more effectively. ?

6. 50% white hair

Does white hair represent nearly 50% of all your hair right now?

If so, then tone-on-tone coloring without ammonia will be perfect for you. These colors will gently cover your white hair and give your hair a beautiful shine.

Once again, this coloring will have to be repeated several times every year to continue to camouflage white hair and gray hair well.

7. More than 50% white hair

If you have 50 to 100% of your hair that is white, then you will need a durable, permanent color.

Make an appointment with the hairdresser for a natural and quality result!

Make an appointment with the hairdresser to have a dye that meets your needs. It is important to opt for professional and salon hair coloring. You will thus avoid attacking your hair more with a box of poor quality sold in stores.

You can also choose your white hair! What I mean is that white hair can be very pretty, provided of course that you take good care of it. It is also important to avoid having white-yellow hair or yellow hair which is much less pretty, let’s say.

8. Choose the right color

If you have more than 50% of your hair that is white, lightening your hair will no longer cover the white hair and colors that are too red will make your white streaks color way too bright.

Seek the advice of a professional to choose the right hair color!

Hence the importance of choosing the right coloring or wick color to successfully cover and camouflage your white hair. If you are not used to dyeing your hair, it is better to do business with a professional hairdresser who will be able to offer you the right products but also the right coloring color for your hair.

9. Hide your gray hair with a hat

If you’re going outdoors and don’t want the sun to reflect on your white hair, you can always wear a nice hat that will camouflage your white head! ?

Of course it is better to choose and buy a hat that will perfectly match your style and the shape of your face and head.

Don’t hesitate to ask the sales assistant for advice or ask your friends for advice to be sure you’re buying a hat that will suit you perfectly.

10. Accept your white hair

White hair can look great! If your hair is neatly combed, you have a nice maintained cut and you have a nice silver hair, you will also have a very nice style.

To have beautiful white hair, for both men and women, it is necessary to have good hair care and therefore a good shampoo.

Here is the Radiance Shampoo for white and gray hair from L’Oréal Professionnel Paris:

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