How to hide his big nose?

How to hide his big nose?

How do you camouflage a big nose?

Some people, men and women, sometimes find their noses too big. Above all, it should not be obsessed with, because there are a few little tricks to reduce it or rather camouflage it.

So here are some of the best tips and tricks to hide your big nose

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1. Camouflage a big nose with contouring

For women looking for tips and tricks to camouflage and refine a big nose, makeup or rather contouring is a really effective solution to achieve this.

What is contouring:

Contouring consists of playing with light, shades and the contour of the nose to refine it and give the appearance of having a much smaller and thinner nose.

  1. Apply your usual foundation all over your face.
  2. Then apply a darker foundation to the sides of your nose (to darken its width).
  3. Finally apply a much lighter foundation on the vertical line of your nose to make it look slimmer.

Video: How to refine your nose with contouring?

2. What haircut for a big, big nose?

To camouflage a large or large nose, it is important to pay particular attention to his haircut and his hairstyle.

Avoid short hair as much as possible!

To reduce the size of his nose, it is best to choose a cut on medium-length or long hair. Although the short haircut is pretty, the short hair will make your nose stand out even more.

Also opt for a hairstyle with volume and hair in layers to give movement and attract the eye elsewhere than on your nose.

Cuts and hairstyles to avoid if you have a big nose:

  • Ponytail and hair pulled back.
  • Hairstyle that clears the face too much.
  • Long, straight hair without volume.
  • Short fringe.

3. Accessories to hide a big nose

Another really easy trick to help hide her big nose is to wear different accessories to divert attention.

  • Wearing large glasses: To give the impression of having a smaller nose, choose glasses with a wide and low frame. If the glasses frames are too small then the size of your nose will appear even larger.
  • Wearing earrings: As with glasses, it is better to wear large earrings to stretch this part of the face more and thus give the impression of having a smaller and thinner nose.
  • Wear a hat: Another overlooked accessory that can really help camouflage your nose is a hat. Choose a hat with a wide brim in the front and rounded to make the forehead look bigger rather than the nose.

4. Makeup tips to refine your nose

Earlier in the article I talked about the contouring trick, but it can also be interesting to make up your eyes and lips. This will draw the attention and gaze of others away from your nose, which you find too big, too big or bumpy.

  • Make up your eyes well: Make your eyes pop with dark eyeliner. Same thing for mascara, prefer dark and dark shades.
  • Make up your lips well: For lip makeup then choose a bright red lipstick with a little gloss.

Bringing out your cheekbones is a great trick to tone down your nose. So you can also draw the eye to your cheeks by applying a little bronzer.

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