How to keep flies away?

How to keep flies away?

Homemade outdoor fly repellent

Homemade fly trap, fly remedy with cloves, natural repellent with basil, in short, there are many tips to keep flies away!

I live in the countryside so imagine how many flies there are at home! Here are my top tips and fly repellents for outdoors and indoors.

1. A homemade fly trap

I tested last summer a homemade fly trap with a plastic bottle and believe me it works really well.

Here’s how to make this homemade outdoor fly trap:

  1. Cut a 2 liter bottle to about 2/3 (the bottom part and the neck)
  2. Turn the bottle upside down, place the neck of the bottle inside the other part and glue.
  3. Pour sugar water and add a few drops of dish soap to the bottle.
  4. Hang the fly trap to catch and kill all the flies outside.

Most fly traps all work the same way. It’s a trap with a liquid inside that you hang to catch and kill flies on the outside.

If you prefer, here is a real fly trap that you can set up outside the house to kill hundreds of flies at once!

Outdoor fly trap

Outdoor fly trap

  • Catches and kills up to 40K flies.
  • Disposable and very effective trap for outdoor use.
  • Add only water to the trap to attract flies

As I have chickens at home, this trap catches and kills all the flies that fly around the chicken coop!

2. Citronella against flies

Lemongrass (in different forms) is a good natural fly repellent that you can try at home to keep flies away outdoors.

Here are some ways to use citronella against flies:

  • Spray lemongrass essential oil: add about ten drops of lemongrass essential oil in water and spray the solution in the rooms of the house.
  • Soak Cotton Balls in Lemongrass: soak cotton balls in lemongrass essential oil and place them on the balcony and patio as an outdoor repellent. You can also use this trick inside the house.
  • Use lemongrass branches: cut lemongrass branches into small slices and place them on the edge of the windows inside or outside to keep flies away naturally.
  • Burn a citronella candle: you can find lemongrass candles to burn in stores and on the internet, which repel flies and other insects outside.

You can also use citronella essential oil as a midge repellent.

3. Homemade Outdoor Fly Repellent

Here is an easy to make at home natural fly repellent recipe that will work both inside and outside the home.

Here’s how to make this homemade repellent:

  1. Boil 500ml of water and leave to cool for a few minutes.
  2. Crush peppermint and fresh lavender and place them in water.
  3. Cover the pan and allow the solution to cool to trap the fragrances of the oils.
  4. Filter the solution, add 70° alcohol and pour into a spray-type bottle.
  5. Spray the repellent both inside the house and outside on the balcony and terrace to keep flies and gnats away.

You can also add a few drops of lemongrass essential oil to make this homemade repellent even more effective against flies.

4. Keep flies away with basil

If you want a homemade or rather 100% natural outdoor and indoor fly repellent, then consider basil!

And yes, although basil is delicious in our recipes, it is also an excellent natural repellent that you can use against flies and other flying insects.

Indeed, the Basil leaf gives off an unpleasant scent for flies. You can therefore have basil plants on the windowsills, but also on the terrace and balcony. You will even be able to use the basil leaves for your next recipe, everyone is a winner!

Basil is also effective against these other insects:

  • midges
  • mosquitoes
  • horseflies

5. Geranium an effective anti-fly plant

Another good fly repellent is geranium essential oil or simply a geranium plant in a pot (for indoors) or in the garden (for outdoors).

If you want to use this essential oil to keep flies away here is what to do:

  1. Mix 20 drops of geranium essential oil in 1 liter of cold water.
  2. Spray this repellent throughout the house and even on the balcony to put an end to flies.

Geranium essential oil is a good fly repellent, but you can also simply plant this plant in the garden or in a pot to repel flies and other flying insects.

6. Mint against flies

What smell scares flies away? Mint is another very effective anti-fly plant to get rid of flies thanks to its smell.

  • Take fresh mint sprigs and leaves and mash them a little.
  • Then place them on the edges of doors and windows and even on the balcony.

Mint is a natural fly repellent

The result is guaranteed and very fast to put an end to unwanted flies in the house. You can also plant mint plants in your garden and on your balcony.

7. Lemon and clove remedy

Now here’s how to keep flies away with cloves and a lemon?

  • Cut a ripe lemon into thick slices.
  • Stick cloves into the lemon slices.
  • Arrange the slices of lemon and cloves on the edge of the windows.

fly repellent, fly clove,

It is a very effective home remedy to scare away flies in the house and even prevent moths from entering the house. The result is visible after only 1 or 2 days. For best results, change the lemons and cloves approximately every 2 days.

8. Fly repellent with white vinegar

Did you know that white vinegar is just as repellent to flies as it is to mosquitoes.

Here’s how to make this natural fly remedy at home.

  1. Add a few drops of eucalyptus essential oil in white vinegar.
  2. Dilute the mixture with lukewarm water (equal quantity of water and vinegar).
  3. Spray this mixture where flies hang out to keep them away for good.

You can spray this vinegar repellent both indoors and outdoors to scare away flies and mosquitoes.

9. Yellow colored container against flies and speckles

How to get rid of flies? Did you know that the color yellow is one of the favorites of flies and snuffers. So why not attract flies with this color to end it once and for all!

  • Use a container (a small bowl) of yellow color.
  • Add an alcoholic drink of your choice (a few millimeters is enough).
  • Add plastic wrap and poke small holes.
  • Small flies (fruit fly and gnat) will be quickly attracted.

To fight against flies or rather plant speckles, this technique is effective. Small flies will quickly be drowned in the liquid.

Also use a sticky trap as a flytrap!

Personally I use this homemade trap with sticky tape to catch as many flies as possible in the house.

Here is a set of several indoor sticky fly traps:

fly paper roll

fly paper roll

  • Sticky trap for catching flies in the house.
  • The easiest trap to catch and kill flies.
  • Useful and effective against flies and midges.

10. Do you know the anti-fly lamp?

If you really don’t know what to do against flies, mosquitoes and other flying insects, the fly killer lamp (electric insect killer) is a real fly killer for the home!

For those who don’t want to waste time with natural repellents, this fly repellent product is certainly one of the best alternatives to consider for killing flies!

There are several models of electric bug sprayers including this one which has good reviews online and is offered at a very good price:

Fly killer lamp

Fly killer lamp

  • Flies and insects are attracted to UV light.
  • Works both day and night.
  • Kills flies, mosquitoes, horseflies and other insects.

In addition to this UV lamp you can use several other mosquito repellents as you will find out here: Mosquito repellent.

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