How to keep mice away naturally?

How to keep mice away naturally?

How to scare away mice from the house?

The sound of their little paws, the sound of their nibbling, the damage they cause, the shame of seeing them in the house, all good reasons to scare the mice far, far away from the house.

When we were younger we occasionally had mice in the house so I know some good tricks! Here are some homemade tips and repellents to keep mice away naturally.

1. Essential oil to scare away mice

A few essential oils are effective in repelling mice and other small rodents.

Eucalyptus oil is definitely one of the best oils to use as a repellent because mice don’t like that eucalyptus smell.

To make this natural essential oil repellent you must:

  1. Soak several pieces of fabric with eucalyptus essential oil.
  2. Then lay out the soaked tissues where the mice roam.
  3. Replace the pieces of fabric every day for a week to drive them away for good.

Other essential oils with a strong smell can also be used to ward them off:

  • peppermint essential oil
  • clary sage essential oil
  • laurel essential oil
  • hyacinth essential oil

You can use the essential oil trick to keep mice away from the house, but also to keep them away from the car. Because a mouse can damage the electrical wires of a car.

If the repellent is no longer enough to prevent mice from entering a house then this article should give you several solutions to catch them: How to catch a mouse?

2. Repellent plant to keep mice away

There are a number of plants, flowers and shrubs that can be planted to keep mice away.

Here are some of the effective anti-mouse plants thanks to their smell:

  • Peppermint
  • L’incarvillea
  • Pennyroyal mint
  • The imperial crown
  • Absinthe
  • Garden spurge
  • Chives (effective against moles)

If you had to choose only one plant then peppermint is the best. Discover other effective anti-mouse plants in this article: Repellent plants.

Here is a more detailed look at some other odor and repellent plants that help keep mice away from the house:

A bunch of mint:

natural mouse repellent mint

Mint is another mouse repellent herb.. Here are different ways to use it to hunt mice:

  • Put bunches of mint on the passage of mice.
  • Grow mint in the garden as a natural mouse killer.
  • Place a jar of fresh mint in different places around the house.
  • Spray peppermint essential oil on the passage of mice.

The mouse does not like the smell of fresh mint. This smell is therefore strong enough to keep mice away from the house and your garden itself.

Bay leaves:

bay leaf to repel mice

Bay leaves are also effective as a natural mouse repellent.. Here is how to use these bay leaves:

  1. Collect bay leaves, about ten.
  2. Moisten the bay leaves and crush them for more smell.
  3. Place the bay leaves on the usual paths of the mice.

This plant is an effective natural repellent to remove mice and other small rodents and critters. Repeat daily for good results.

The hyacinth:

use hyacinth to keep mice away from the garden

The hyacinth is also very effective in chasing mice from the house.. Here’s how:

  1. Find the mice’s favorite hiding place(s).
  2. Sprinkle the different places with hyacinth essential oil.
  3. Freshly cut hyacinth flowers are also effective in driving them away.

As hyacinth essential oil is expensive why not grow hyacinths in the garden and around the house to scare them away naturally?

3. Steel wool is an excellent mouse repellent

Steel wool as an effective mouse repellent

Steel wool is a product that can be used to prevent mice from entering homes, trailers, sheds and other buildings and warehouses.

Here’s how to use this steel wool to repel mice:

  • Place steel wool where mice enter the house.
  • Caulk the edges of the pipes (at the level of the holes in the walls) with steel wool.
  • Insert steel wool into holes and cracks in the house.
  • Check the holes where the electrical wiring passes and put steel wool.
  • Check possible entrances at eaves and drainage pipes.

Do not use traditional steel wool designed for housework and cleaning, but special anti-mouse and anti-rodent steel wool.

4. Place crushed glass where mice pass

Another repellent that can be made at home to repel mice is using crushed or crushed glass if you prefer.

Place crushed glass on the paths that mice usually take to enter the house. This can be along walls, near plumbing, behind large furniture, etc.

Be careful not to cut yourself with this crushed glass and above all avoid this anti-mouse trick if you have children or pets at home.

5. Get rid of mice by plugging holes

Holes are the main entry point for mice and other small rodents into the home. This is why it is so important to check the siding as well as the roof and the foundation of the house.

The anti-rodent steel wool proposed in the previous tip is a good trick to precisely plug the holes, cracks and possible access to mice everywhere in the house.

Other products and tricks to plug holes:

With concrete: plug the holes in the foundation and the concrete slab with concrete so that they can no longer chew through them and enter the house again.

Have special glue: you can also use different special glues to seal the holes in the house before adding the plaster for the finish.

6. A clean house to prevent mice

Mice love to eat, they love to nibble on those little bits of food left lying around the house.

A vacuum or broom every week is a minimum to keep the house clean and avoid the arrival of small rodents and unwanted insects in need of food.

Don’t forget to clean these different places in the house:

  • Behind the gas stove, stove and refrigerator.
  • Under cabinets and kitchen furniture.
  • Along the walls in the kitchen and dining room
  • The bottom of cupboards and kitchen cabinets, etc.

7. Ultrasonic repellent to keep mice away

If natural repellents do not give satisfactory results then some mechanical repellents exist including the ultrasonic mouse repellent.

On the other hand, I have some discomfort in offering you this type of repellent, because they are not always very effective against mice and small rodents.

Mice are “very” smart after all!

Well, we don’t like them, mice are intelligent creatures. So the problem with the ultrasonic repeller is that it will be effective the first few days, but then the mice will get used to it and come back to the house.

Opt for odors and other natural repellents!

So it is better to test the natural repellents that put forward strong odors against mice. You can first test the essential oils as well as the repellent plants mentioned earlier in this article.

8. A cat to hunt mice

A cat to hunt mice

And why not use a cat to quickly chase away all the mice?

The cat is a predator for mice and other small rodents. The mouse may move to a new home just by sensing the presence of the cat in the house or in the surrounding area.

Just look at farms and barns to see how popular cats are for hunting mice and other small critters.

Of course, if you don’t want to take care of a pet, it is better to find another solution or rather another repellent to keep mice away.

The cat is a good way to hunt mice, but also other critters such as field mice. Here’s all our stuff on this other little animal: How to keep field mice away?

9. Scare mice with cat litter

If you have a cat at home, it’s even easier if not ask a neighbor or friend who has a cat to give you some kitty litter.

Sprinkle cat litter where mice roam:

  • Along the walls in the house.
  • Behind the big furniture
  • Along the exterior walls (to be repeated especially in case of rain)
  • In cupboards and other possible access points for mice.

For outside the house, soiled litter is even more effective in scaring mice away from the house. (do not use litter with cat excrement inside)

The majority of the natural repellents suggested in this article are also effective against rats. Here are tips specific to these rodents: Tips and tricks to keep and kill rats.

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