How to keep wasps away?

How to keep wasps away?

Tips and tricks to keep wasps away

Every summer at home, we see wasps near the roof, the swimming pool and even sometimes in the house. Fortunately, it is possible to get rid of wasps!

Today I offer you my best tips and tricks to keep wasps away naturally as well as some homemade traps!

As you will discover in this article, there are many tricks and repellents that can be used to keep wasps away. But before moving on to natural repellents, how about making your own homemade wasp trap?

Here’s how to make a wasp trap out of a plastic bottle:

  1. Cut a plastic bottle in 2 (a 2L bottle)
  2. Pour jam or beer mixed with honey into the bottom of the bottle.
  3. Then replace the other part of the bottle, taking care to place the neck down.

The wasps will come and eat this sweet food, but will no longer be able to come to the surface of the trap. This is an easy DIY trap that works really well.. I personally tested this wasp trap this summer and caught dozens of wasps in just a few hours.

Buy a wasp trap!

Of course, if you don’t have enough time to make your trap, you can buy a real wasp trap instead. Here is a trap that works a bit the same way as the homemade trap above and which kills dozens and dozens of wasps quickly.

Wasp and hornet trap

Wasp and hornet trap

  • Economical and reusable wasp trap.
  • Kills wasps, hornets and horseflies.
  • Trap easy to set up and use against wasps.

2. Wasp repellent with coffee grounds

If you are looking for a natural and effective wasp repellent to keep wasps away, then coffee grounds are the solution.

This remedy against wasps may seem implausible, but it works rather well having tested it at home, near the swimming pool last summer.

Here’s how to make this homemade wasp repellent:

  1. Pour ground coffee into a small cup or plate (the container must be heat resistant).
  2. Burn a small portion of the coffee using a lighter or match.
  3. Wait for the coffee smoke to form and place the plate on the balcony or near the pool to keep wasps away.

The coffee smoke that will be released is an excellent homemade wasp repellent, but also an excellent home remedy to keep bees away.

3. Wasp repellent with cloves

If you’re like me and like to try old-fashioned remedies before buying wasp products and traps, then here’s one to make with cloves.

  1. Cut a very ripe lemon into 2 pieces and insert cloves.
  2. Place the lemon pieces on the garden table or near the pool to keep wasps away.

You can also simply crush cloves with mint leaves and place them on the balcony and windowsills to keep bees away naturally.

4. Do-it-yourself wasp spray

Here is an easy homemade repellent spray recipe to keep wasps and bees away naturally:

Here’s how to make this homemade wasp spray:

  1. Mix an equal amount of white vinegar and cold water.
  2. Add 4 tablespoons of lemon juice (or the juice of a fresh lemon).
  3. Spray this solution as soon as you see wasps prowling too close to you.

To be even more effective as a wasp repellent, you can add 2 cloves to the solution.

5. Tomato plant as a repellent plant

There are repellent plants against wasps and hornets. Indeed, did you know that the tomato plant can help keep wasps away from your terrace and balcony?

Simply place tomato plant branches near you when you are outside the house, in the garden for example. The smell given off by tomato plants acts as a natural repellent against wasps and other flying insects.

Grow tomato seedlings on the balcony!

You can also grow tomato plants in flower beds and vegetable gardens or place pots of tomato plants directly on the balcony. It works very well against wasps and you will have a good harvest of tomatoes this fall.

6. Scare away wasps with essential oils

Another trick to get rid of wasps naturally is to use an essential oil solution.

To make this anti-wasp recipe you need:

  • 20 drops lemongrass essential oil
  • 30 drops of clove essential oil
  • 20 drops of lavender essential oil
  • 1/2 cup of water
  • 1/3 cup white vinegar

Mix all the ingredients in a spray bottle and spray the repellent around you outside on the patio or by the pool to repel wasps and even to repel mosquitoes as well.

7. Bleach to kill wasps

Bleach is a powerful product that can be useful in keeping wasps away from the house. The problem is that this product is not at all good for the environment… You must therefore use bleach very carefully!

Very often wasps sneak into the cracks and roof of the house to make their nest there. It is then necessary to act quickly to kill or at least move away the wasps before the situation worsens.

Here is how to use bleach against wasps:

  • Dilute bleach with water and spray the solution (Caution not to damage exterior walls and coverings).
  • Also spray bleach where wasps usually hang out.

Repeat frequently to successfully get rid of wasps effectively and especially to prevent them from nesting there.

Be careful never to spray bleach on plants and floors, as this solution is harmful to the environment. Use with caution.

To avoid having lots of wasps flying around the pool and terrace this summer, you have to prevent them from nesting near the house.

Here are some tips and advice to avoid attracting wasps near the house and garden:

  • stagnant water: it is important to eliminate as much standing water as possible around the house and garden. In addition to being loved by wasps, stagnant water is a real mosquito nest.
  • Trash can: if you don’t take the time to properly close the garbage bags outside, wasps and flies will come there in large numbers. In addition to insects, improperly stored garbage cans will attract raccoons and other unwanted critters.
  • Food: it is also very important never to leave food on the terrace, the balcony or around the swimming pool. Food scraps and sugary drinks left outside will attract wasps quickly, so be careful.

Finally, take the time to walk around your house to see if there are cracks and holes near the roof, windows and exterior walls that could be the target of wasps to nest there.

9. Destroy a wasp’s nest… Watch out!

Unfortunately it happens that we discover a wasp’s nest near the house and the garden.

Although it is not a real danger for the occupants of the house, it may be necessary to destroy it to ensure a certain safety with its children and pets.

Destroy a wasp’s nest yes, but be careful!

Wasps can be very ferocious if they feel attacked, so take all necessary precautions before destroying a wasp nest or simply keeping them away. If the wasp nest is very small still act quickly to destroy it. For example, you can use a garden hose with a strong jet to destroy it.

Buy a product against wasp and hornet nests:

Spray products are easy to use and effective in destroying nests and keeping wasps away from the house and garden. Just spray the product which in contact with the nest will foam and swell to trap and kill the wasps.

Never use this type of product to get rid of a honeycomb!

Indeed, this product should never be used on a swarm and honeycomb. It is forbidden to destroy and remove a honeycomb, on the contrary, the bees must be protected.

10. Stop Buzz Pro and other ultrasonic repellents

We often hear about ultrasonic wasp repellents such as the Stop Buzz Pro product for example. Whether it is to ward off wasps or other pests, this type of device can indeed be effective, but you have to be patient.

Read reviews and comments to make the best choice!

Personally, I’ve never tested stop buzz pro or other ultrasonic repellents, so it’s hard to say in favor of such a repellent. So the best advice I can give you is to read the opinions and comments of users of these ultrasound devices to make an informed choice.

Buy a wasp trap instead to get started!

If you really want to buy a product to repel or kill wasps I recommend hanging traps as proposed at the beginning of this article.

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