How to keep your cat away from the Christmas tree?

How to keep your cat away from the Christmas tree?

How to keep your cat away from the Christmas tree?

If you have a cat at home then you know how much he loves to approach, touch and play with the Christmas tree decorations, right!

Here are some good tips and tricks to protect or rather keep your cat away from the Christmas tree! ?

1. Natural tree or artificial tree

If you are tired of warning and preventing your cat from approaching the Christmas tree then one solution is to choose an artificial tree… Of course, if you prefer a natural Christmas tree it is better to test our next tricks!

Protect your cat by choosing an artificial tree:

And yes, in addition to being less attracted to an artificial tree than a natural fir tree, your cat is not likely to drink the water from the fir tree (which is not drinkable and dangerous for the cat).

It is also necessary to be very careful so that the cat does not eat fir needles which could be dangerous to him, especially at the level of his intestines.

2. A natural repellent to repel the cat from the Christmas tree

One grandma’s trick that works really well to keep her cat away from the Christmas tree is to use the smell of citrus fruits.

Personally I have a dog at home and believe me the smell of orange or worse the smell of lemon is a really VERY powerful repellent and protects my Christmas tree every year!

Orange peels or essential oils!

You can therefore place orange peels around the base of the tree or spray a little lemon essential oil mixed with water directly on the tree and around the base of the tree.

3. Other tips and tricks to keep your cat away from the tree

If you are not interested in choosing an artificial tree and you absolutely want a natural tree for Christmas, then you have to take a few precautions. Here are some tips and tricks to do to keep your pet away from your tree:

  • Avoid string lights and other twinkling garlands.
  • Arrange the most fragile decorations at the top of the tree.
  • Secure the Christmas tree as securely as possible to prevent it from falling.
  • Install the tree in a room with a door that closes. (close the door at night and during the day when you are at work).
  • Cover the base of the tree (the trunk) with aluminum foil to repel the cat.
  • Spray the Christmas tree with a mixture of water and lemon or lemongrass essential oil

If you also want to prevent your pet from climbing or worse scratching the sofa then this article: Dog and cat repellent for the sofa, offers you several practical tips and tricks.

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