How to keep your dog busy and happy?

How to make your dog happy?

There’s a saying that a tired dog is a happy dog, and it’s absolutely true! Depending on his activity level, your dog needs to expend his energy daily in order to feel good about himself. He therefore needs physical activities but also intellectual activities. If he is not provided with opportunities to exert himself, the dog will become creative and will find ways to do so. And his choice of activities might not be right for you!
Dog trainers will tell you that most dogs with behavioral problems are bored dogs. Luckily, there are easy and fun ways to keep your dog busy and happy!

Tips and advice for a happy dog:

1. A scavenger hunt to keep your dog busy

Even dogs like to play treasure hunt! ? So hide treats all over the house. Under armchairs, behind cushions, in bed, etc.

At the beginning, you will have to guide him to the different hiding places by repeating the word « search ». Quickly, he will become a treasure hunter.

Ideal for extending your dog’s meal time:

You can then extend mealtimes by scattering his croquettes around the house. This is a particularly handy trick for those who have to leave their dog at home for long hours and want to occupy their dog while they are away.

2. Interactive toys for a happy dog

It is increasingly easy to find interactive toys that you can fill with your favorite treats or pâté, for example.

The most popular manufacturer of this type of toy is the Kong company, whose products are found all over the world, but other companies make interactive toys, including Nina Ottosson who creates puzzles for dogs.

Here is the classic Kong toy that your dog will love:

dog kong

dog kong

  • Kong in small or large format
  • Perfect as a treat dispenser
  • Awakens the dog’s curiosity through play and fun

Get different models of toys, to offer a little variety to your dog who will quickly learn how to use them.

3. Popsicles to occupy a dog for a long time

Easy to make, ice lollies for dogs will keep him busy and happy for very long minutes, in addition to cooling him down in hot weather.

To make your own dog popsicles, you can simply fill a Kong-type toy with peanut butter or dog food and freeze it.

You can also opt for popsicle molds, in which you can combine several natural and healthy ingredients that your dog will love.

Here are some foods your dog will love in his kong:

  • Coconut oil and mashed banana
  • Lactose-free yogurt with no added flavor, mixed with blueberries or other pitted berries
  • Homemade fruit puree, without added sugar, including banana, strawberry, melon, etc.
  • Peanut or almond butter, no added sugar or xylitol, combined with banana chunks

4. Hide his toys in a block of ice

On the same principle as ice lollies, this game will keep your dog busy for long hours.

Here’s how to do this trick:

  • In a large plastic container, place a few toys and treats.
  • Then fill it with water and put it in the freezer.
  • Give him this toy on a day that’s too hot for physical activity.

5. A ball to keep a dog busy

A ball will keep your dog busy, but not just any ball! A ball in which you can hide dog treats. The Hol-ee Roller ball from JW Pet will allow you to keep your dog occupied for long minutes.

Here’s how:

  • Get a Hol-ee Roller ball or toy in the correct size for your dog.
  • Cut long strips of sturdy fabric, such as denim, about 2 centimeters wide, and about 60 centimeters long.
  • Take a treat, and place it in the center of a strip, and hide it with a loose knot. Then roll the strip up into a ball.
  • Then place the dumpling in the ball, and repeat until the ball is full.

If you don’t have this type of dog ball at home then here it is at the best price:

dog toy ball

dog toy ball

  • Soft and resistant dog ball
  • To occupy your dog for hours
  • Ideal for hiding treats and other small toys

6. Chew toys to occupy your dog

Dogs are in great need of chewing activities. So offer them different chew toys! It can be a natural rubber toy, raw marrow bone, ox sinews, deer antler, etc.

Be careful, we must always keep an eye on our dog when he plays with this type of toy, in order to avoid choking.

To make a dog happy here are 100% natural deer antler bones:

Deer antler for dog

Deer antler for dog

  • Dog bone cut from wild deer antlers
  • Ideal as a dog chew toy
  • Natural source of protein and calcium

7. Make your dog happy by training him

Dogs love to learn new tricks, especially if positive reinforcement is used! You will find on Youtube a whole range of tricks to easily teach your dog, while having fun for you and your dog.

Quality time with your dog!

In addition, intellectual activity is the one that will exhaust your dog the fastest. See training as an opportunity to spend quality time with your dog, he will be all the happier for it.

5 simple and fun dog tricks:

8. Hide your dog’s treats in boxes

Do you know the cardboard box and treats game? Your dog will love playing it!

  • Get three cardboard boxes of different sizes, with lids.
  • In each box, hide some treats, or even a toy and close the lid.
  • Then, put the smallest box in the medium, and this one in the largest.
  • Invite your dog to open the boxes to discover the surprises.

After a few tries with your help, he will have figured out how to do it on his own. You can then increase the difficulty level by adding more boxes.

9. Give your dog an interactive bowl

An interactive bowl will extend mealtimes, while working your dog’s neurons.

These speed bumps, or anti-glutton bowls force your dog to think about the best way to get his kibble. There are several models, including this one which is ideal for medium and large dogs:

Anti-glutton bowl

Anti-glutton bowl

  • Helps your dog eat more slowly
  • Stimulates your pet’s neurons
  • Control weight and prevent obesity in dogs

10. Make your dog happy with an agility course

If your dog has a very high activity level and walking on a leash isn’t enough to tire him out, build your own agility course in your yard or even around the house.

Some pet stores sell accessories to create your own obstacles, including tunnels, hoops, obstacle bars, jumps, etc.

If you find that your dog barks a lot here is an article with several effective tips and tricks: Dog barking, what to do?

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