How to lose face weight?

How to lose face weight?

Tips and tricks to lose weight on the face

Face that is too round, double chin, cheeks that are too big… losing weight in the face takes time, but it is possible to get there. Are you looking for tricks to make it happen?

Here are 10 tips and exercises to lose weight in the face, lose cheeks and make your double chin disappear.

1. Exercises to lose weight on the face

A first tip to remove the double chin and help lose weight in the cheeks and face is to do facial exercises.

  • The fish mouth: This exercise is quick and easy to do. Just suck in your cheeks and hold for 10-20 seconds and repeat 15 times. Repeat this exercise as often as possible to firm up and lose weight in the face.
  • Pronounce the letters X and O repeatedly: Say the letters X and O out loud for 2 minutes and repeat as often as possible every day. This diction exercise is really excellent to help lose weight in the cheeks.
  • Vertical face exercises: This facial exercise involves doing several sets a day of an up and down motion. Bring your forehead as far back as possible while keeping your body straight. Only the head should be moving. Then bring your chin as close to your body as possible.
  • Horizontal face exercises: Keep your body straight and still and turn your head as far as possible to the left and then to the right. This exercise is a good way to lose weight and strengthen the muscles and facial skin.
  • Closing and opening the mouth: Open your mouth very wide and then close it. Continue this several times and repeat the exercise several times a day to slim the face and neck.

2. A massage to lose weight on the face

Do circular massages wherever there is excess fat on your face. Always favor bottom-up movements when massaging the face.

Facial massage will improve blood circulation while keeping your skin firmer and more toned. You can ask your lover to do this massage before bedtime or during a hot bath.

Use a massage cream specially designed for the face or even better a firming cream.

3. Slimming cream for facial slimming

Several slimming face creams have emerged on the cosmetics market. Often made up of coffee and sometimes plants, these reduce excess fat in the neck and face.

Of course, don’t expect a miraculous cream, because none can actually melt facial fat. This slimming cream should be used in addition to the facial exercises named above.

Here is a recipe for homemade slimming cream to slim the face:

  • 2 teaspoons of coffee grounds.
  • 2 teaspoons of powdered green clay.
  • 2 teaspoons of honey.
  • 1 teaspoon of guarana powder.
  • A few drops of jojoba or avocado vegetable oil.

Mix all the ingredients and apply on the face 2 or 3 times a week to thin and firm the skin of the face.

4. Exercise to lose weight

Whether to lose weight in the face or in the body, it is important to move, to spend and therefore to play sports regularly, every day!

I’m talking about sport, but in reality the important thing is to move so no matter what physical activity you practice, you have to give your all and spend as much as possible!

Here are some ideas of physical and sports activities to lose weight:

  • brisk walking
  • jogging and running
  • the bike
  • swimming
  • water aerobics
  • dance
  • zumba
  • rope jumping
  • CrossFit
  • the elliptical trainer, etc.

5. A good diet to lose face

In addition to physical exercises, it is very important to eat well and therefore to pay particular attention to your diet.

Indeed, how can you think of losing face weight if you eat anything! Here are some foods to incorporate into your diet:

  • Turkey
  • the chicken
  • fruits and vegetables
  • the almonds
  • cashew nuts
  • Fish
  • eggs
  • brown rice

Eat less, eat better, cut sugars and fats, drink lots of water and green tea, and exercise every day. You will undoubtedly succeed in losing weight on your face with a good diet in addition to losing the weight that you have had too much for too long already!

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