How to lose your double chin?

How to lose your double chin?

Grandma's remedy for double chin

Nobody likes having a double chin! A double chin is a small surplus of fat that is between the chin and the neck and which is sometimes difficult to remove.

You no longer know what to do to remove or at least reduce this double chin? Here are some grandma’s tips and remedies for double chin.

1. A cream against the double chin

There are slimming creams on the market to specifically treat the double chin or not. These creams won’t work miracles and certainly won’t make your double chin disappear completely, but they will help to refine the skin under the chin a little.

According to the guidelines, you must apply this cream on a regular basis by massaging the neck and chin which will also be beneficial. In addition to other tips and tricks, this type of slimming cream could certainly help you reduce the double chin.

2. Percutaféine for double chin

Have you ever heard of percutaféine? This product indeed seems to be very popular for treating and helping to firm and reduce the double chin.

Indeed, percutaféine gel contains caffeine and L-Carnitine, which helps to firm and hydrate the skin. Considered a medicine, the effectiveness of percutaféine gel has been demonstrated, but you will need to consult a specialist to obtain it by prescription.

Speak to a healthcare professional to determine whether or not percufateine ​​can help you with your double chin.

3. Get rid of a double chin with a homemade mask

A good way to eliminate toxins and firm the skin under the chin is to make a homemade clay mask.

For an effective mask, which will not only firm the skin while moisturizing it, make a clay paste to which you will add plain yogurt and a few drops of rose essential oil.

Here is how to use this homemade cream on your double chin:

  • Spread this paste on the skin of your double chin and let it dry.
  • Once dry, rinse face and neck with lukewarm water.
  • Then apply a slimming or firming cream.

4. Double chin and essential oil

Take advantage of the benefits of essential oils to make your double chin disappear. Indeed, some essential oils have moisturizing and firming properties, that will help you get rid of your double chin.

Here is a grandmother’s recipe that you can use every day when you get up and go to bed:

  • ½ cup almond or extra virgin coconut oil.
  • 15 drops of grapefruit essential oil.
  • 5 drops of lavender essential oil.
  • 10 drops of rose essential oil.

Mix all the ingredients well and store this recipe in an airtight jar. Apply morning and evening to the chin and chin and suddenly on a clean face.

5. Exercises to remove the double chin

A few small exercises can also help you reduce the double chin. To start:

  • Move your jaw forward as far as possible.
  • Then stick out your tongue as much as possible and hold this position for about ten seconds.
  • Release and do several repetitions several times a day.

You can also do stretches, such as turning your head as far as possible to the right and then to the left while holding the position for several minutes.

7 effective exercises to lose your double chin:

Speech exercises to eliminate the double chin

Every day, and in several sessions, do diction exercises by pronouncing words and vowels in an exaggerated way in order to work your skin muscles. For example, repeat the letters « x » and « o » because this activates the chin muscles. This is a good trick to make the double chin disappear quickly.

6. A massage to lose your double chin

A massage is not only relaxing, it is also aesthetic in some cases. Indeed, did you know that it was possible to use a massage to reduce a double chin?

A massage to tighten the skin!

To tighten the skin, you can perform circular massages at the neck and below the jawline. Massage this area with circular movements, several times a day to make the double chin disappear.

Here is another massage technique to try to get rid of the double chin:

  • Put your thumbs under your jaw and your other fingers near your ears.
  • Then apply pressure by sliding your thumbs so that they meet your other fingers.
  • Do this massage morning and evening to successfully lose your double chin over time.

You can also add 1 or 2 drops of rose essential oil when massaging. This oil rose essential has firming and moisturizing properties, which will help you lose your double chin.

Make a double chin disappear is not always easy and especially not very fast you will agree. So why not just try to hide it?

Camouflage the double chin with clothes:

You can of course camouflage your double chin with turtleneck sweaters or small scarves. You can also draw attention to different aspects of your anatomy, other than the double chin, for example by wearing pretty jewelry, a nice hairstyle or a neckline.

Camouflage the double chin with makeup:

If your double chin is not very visible, you can also try to camouflage it with makeup. You can just darken it a bit with a bit of powder or foundation a shade or two darker.

Besides makeup, you can also go for a hairstyle that frames your face nicely.

8. Lose weight to eliminate double chin

Of course, if you don’t do anything to lose weight, your double chin can never go away completely. We know that miracle diets do not work or very little. Instead, you have to improve your diet to hope to lose weight effectively and sustainably.

Choose healthy foods and beverages that are low in fat and sugar, unprocessed, and contain good vitamins and antioxidants. Eat plenty of fruits, vegetables, and lean proteins.

9. Other tips and tricks to remove a double chin

Finally, here are other practical and easy tips and tricks to lose your double chin:

  • Wash your face with cold water: cold water helps firm the skin of the face and improve blood circulation. It’s a good trick for a double chin in addition to being excellent for waking up well in the morning.
  • To chew gum: Chewing gum will help tone the muscles and reduce the double chin.
  • Mug it up: As with the exercises suggested earlier in this article, the simple act of making faces will help strengthen the muscles and make the double chin go away.
  • Do a neck massage: Massage your neck in upward motions with your fingers. You can also use a slimming cream during the massage to accentuate the effects on the double chin.

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