How to make a LEGO table yourself?

How to make a LEGO table yourself?

How to make a LEGO table yourself?

When I was little I loved playing with LEGO to build houses, futuristic vehicles, towers… It’s such the perfect game for little ones and for the creative side it’s simply brilliant!

So when I came across this idea I fell out of my chair! No, but what a great idea for his child who likes to play LEGO. Here are some ideas for making your own Lego table.

1. Make a table for Lego and storage

This idea comes to us from the excellent blog: A Little of This, A Little of That where many DIY ideas are presented to us.

You can take exactly this idea and therefore use a table bought at IKEA or even use an old table that you have at home to transform it into a table and storage for Lego.

Here is the table model used for this first Lego table:

Transform an IKEA table to make a LEGO table

Here is the plan to make the holes for the 2 storage bins:

Of course, depending on the size of your storage bins and your table, you can adjust the size of the holes or even make a single large hole to store all the LEGO blocks.

plan to make a lego table

Here is a photo that shows what it looks like after the holes are made:

prepare the table at lego

All that’s missing is the paint as a finish to apply to the table and to glue the LEGO pads as in the image below.

You will find these Lego plates in store or more quickly online right here:

Base plates for LEGO

Base plates for LEGO

  • Compatible with LEGO blocks and other brands of bricks.
  • Ideal for building your own Lego table.
  • Durable and solid Lego plate.

Now here is the final result of this superb table to build and store Legos… Admit that the look is really cool!

Make a Lego table to build and store Legos

2. Other ideas for a Lego table and storage

Here is another idea that mixes both table and storage for Lego bricks. I don’t know about you, but I have this same IKEA piece of furniture at home and I never thought of transforming it in this way to store my children’s Lego blocks.

IKEA storage for Lego block

Here is another IKEA transformation idea to make a table and storage space for your children’s Lego bricks. Once again I have this same piece of furniture in my eldest’s bedroom. Really simple, quick and easy as an idea!

transform an IKEA piece of furniture into a table and storage for Lego

3. Bonus: a suitcase to carry the LEGO blocks ?

Before you leave here is another great idea for making a small LEGO transport kit.

Your child can thus transport the LEGOs in the car and thus bring them more easily during a visit to the grandparents for example. Of course you can use a bigger suitcase so you can bring even more Lego blocks.

make a transport kit for LEGO blocks

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