How to make a personalized calendar yourself?

How to make a personalized calendar yourself?

Create a free calendar online

A calendar in your phone is good, but a calendar posted on a wall at home or in the office is always handy to have!

A DIY photo calendar, a site or software to create a personalized calendar, I suggest in this article several ideas to create a free and personalized calendar easily.

1. Use Google Sheets to create a calendar

The first tip for creating your own calendar is to use Google Docs. Indeed, go to Google Sheets and then click on “Template Gallery”.

Then select the calendar or agenda template you want to customize (see image below).

Free Calendar and Agenda Template

With this calendar template offered in Google Docs, you will be able to customize the color, font, size, in short, the whole style of the calendar.

Personally I use this software to create my professional calendar for my office. For a « more » personalized and design calendar for 2022, I recommend that you use Canva or the other software and sites offered below in this article.

2. Make a calendar with Excel

If you have the Microsoft suite at home or at work then know that you can use Excel software to create a calendar for free.

Two options are available to you:

  • Calendar template and monthly planner
  • Yearly calendar and planner template

You can, like Google Sheets, customize your new calendar as you wish. Here are some possible customizations:

  • Change the size, font and colors of writing
  • Edit and add titles
  • Edit and add important dates
  • Add a background color to your calendar
  • Add logo
  • Add photos, etc.

3. Free Calendar Template on Canva

Canva is an online tool that you absolutely must know! This site offers a ton of free and paid templates for creating graphic elements of all kinds, including the creation of a free calendar for 2022 for example!

So head over to and sign up, it’s free and only takes a few seconds. Then enter in the search bar Calendar Where Calendar to discover all the models of calendars and diaries available in the library.

Here’s an image that shows just a few of the many free custom planner and calendar templates for many:

Free Calendar Template on Canva

Choose and then select the model you want to print and start customizing. You will be able to change the writings, colors, images and much more.

Visit the following link: to make your first calendar or other graphic elements of your choice.

4. Software to make a personalized photo calendar

If you are looking for real calendar software then Photo Calendar Creator is the answer. Although this solution is not free (like the other tips above) if you plan to create multiple calendars and planners the expense may be worth the cost.

Create a real printable calendar!

Unlike other tools, this software allows you to create a « real » calendar, with photos, graphic elements and professional layouts. You’ll get a calendar that’s as beautiful as the store-bought one, but made at home.

  • Hundreds of customizable calendar templates and possible layouts.
  • Yearly and monthly 2022 calendar templates.
  • Quick and easy addition of photos and images inside the calendar and on the cover page.
  • Added holidays and other important events for your family.

Go to the website to discover all the possible features to create your first personalized calendar.

5. Free and personalized 2022 calendar with Office

If you use the Microsoft Office suite then did you know that it was possible to find and download a multitude of free calendar templates to customize on Word, Excel and even PowerPoint.

A well-kept secret that you will find on the Office models and templates site. Just choose the desired template, download it and customize it in your favorite software.

There are free and premium calendar templates for Microsoft 365 users. But personally I found what I needed with the free templates. Here are a few calendar templates out of hundreds available:

Free 2022 calendar templates to download and print

6. Find calendar ideas on Pinterest

Pinterest is an inexhaustible source of ideas and tips of all kinds. So why not use it to find, get inspired and create your own calendar, planner and journal?

Simply enter the keyword Calendar or better Calendar (for even more image results). You can then refine your search to find a calendar that will meet exactly what you are looking for. Here are some examples:

  • school calendar.
  • annual and monthly calendar.
  • Advent calendar.
  • printable calendar.
  • children’s calendar.
  • pregnancy calendar, etc.

Idea for making your own calendar

Visit our special board on pinterest: to discover dozens and dozens of free personalized calendar ideas.

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