How to make a petition?

How to make a petition?

How to make a paper and online petition?

The petition can be a very useful tool to achieve our goals or to change things. If we want to defend our rights or make progress, then the petition is an effective way to achieve this.

Here are some tips and advice for creating an effective and valid online or paper petition!

Clearly explain your petition

There is always a purpose or objective behind a petition. This is what you will need to be clear about so that people understand what it is about and whether or not they are committing to signing it.

Go with the standard formula

A petition done on a simple sheet of paper with signatures in pencil will be just as valid and official as any other way of doing it.

Walk in public places

To collect the maximum number of signatures, do not hesitate to walk around in public places. Target all kinds of places (parks, shops, streets) and don’t hesitate to go door to door if necessary.

Target the population well

For this to be coherent, it is of course necessary to address the people who could be directly or indirectly concerned by this petition. Otherwise, you will waste a lot of time finding signatories. So target people and places to go.

Create online petitions

This is an effective way to reach even more people. The online petition quickly collects hundreds and thousands of signatures.

Don’t beat the pot

People are in a hurry and don’t always want to be hassled. This is why you will need to be able to explain your petition with a few basic words, all in a clear, precise and precise state. Avoid unnecessary talk.

Prepare for possible questions

Some will be curious and want to know more before granting you their signature. They will have specific questions and that is why you will need to be well prepared.

Have a nice attitude

Be smiling, calm and of course show a good personality as well as the interest you give to the cause in question. Don’t be dominant or imposing. You must respect refusals and not insist.

Avoid errors on the petition

It is important to ensure that people do not sign the same petition twice.

give feedback

Some people would like to hear about the results of the petition in question. You should then plan a way to keep them informed. Among other things, you can ask them for their email address in order to write to them or otherwise create a web page related to the petition. So people can follow the progress and stay informed.

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