How to make a seesaw?

How to make a seesaw?

Does your child have a lot of fun at the park with the seesaw? Do your children no longer know what to do at home to have fun? An idea for you… A seesaw!

10-Trucs presents below several ideas and tips for building a sturdy seesaw yourself.

1. Make a Seesaw with an Old Tire

For this first idea you only need a few objects and tools including a large board and an old tire.

  • Cut the old tire in half and solidify it with wood where you cut it.
  • Fix the board on the tire, making sure that everything is well centered to avoid unbalancing.

Here are some pictures of different seesaws and manufacturing steps.

Do you have a lot of old tires at home? Here is an article you will love: What to do with old tires?

2. A “real” all-wood seesaw

Are you looking for a plan or rather the steps to build a real, safe and very solid wooden seesaw?

Matt Bricole offers you in this tutorial all the steps, materials and tools necessary to make a teeter-totter or « tape-cul » swing if you prefer. ?

In this video Matt explains that he made this swing out of 2 old logs, pallet wood and an old sign post he had at home.

3. Other seesaw ideas and photos

If you are looking for other ideas and models of seesaws to build yourself at home, I offer several photos below for inspiration.

No matter which swing model you choose, make sure that the swing is solid and above all very safe for children.

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