How to make a tree grow faster?

How to make a tree grow faster?

How to speed up the growth of a tree?

Growing a tree is like growing life, it’s magic! The trees are beautiful and it is always impressive to grow a tree yourself at home.

Every year, I plant a few trees on my land! Here are some tips and practical advice to grow a tree faster and healthier.

1. When to plant a tree?

To grow a tree quickly in your garden, you must of course choose the best time to plant it.

Plant a tree in the spring or in the fall?

Although the temptation is strong to plant new trees in the spring on your land, the best time of the year is nevertheless in the fall.

You know the saying: On Saint Catherine, all wood takes root (November 25), cis very true! If you had to choose the best time to plant and grow a tree then the period between the end of October and the end of November is the answer.

Planting a bare root tree:

If your roots are bare, wait until November to plant your trees and shrubs. For plugged trees, wait until the end of winter. Same thing for transplanting a tree, it is best to wait until late fall, just before winter and the first big frosts.

When to plant a fruit tree?

If you want to grow a fruit tree in the garden, it’s the same instruction. Plant the fruit tree just before winter, during the month of November.

2. Make a hole to plant a tree

The hole is of great importance when it comes time to plant and grow a tree at home. Here is some information and practical advice for preparing the planting hole properly:

  • Dig the hole in advance: I recommend that you dig the hole ten days before planting the tree. This is a simple trick to properly aerate the soil.
  • Dig a good size hole: for a tree, I recommend that you dig the hole to a depth of 70 cm and respect 3X the diameter of the roots of the tree you want to grow.
  • Check and observe the hole: during a rainy day check if the hole retains a lot (too much) of water. If so, it is better to find another location to grow your tree.
  • Conserve the earth: when you dig the hole in the tree, keep the surface soil nearby for repotting later.

3. Cut tree branches for rapid growth

To stimulate a tree’s growth and help it grow faster, cutting certain branches can be beneficial.

Cut each of the branches of the tree to 1/3 of its length. This cut will help a lot with the growth of your tree in the first years of its life. Be careful not to damage your tree by cutting the branches with the wrong tool or in the wrong way.

Ask a professional to make sure you cut the branches of the tree using the right tools and the right method.

4. Take care of the roots to make a tree grow faster

It is important to take care of the roots of the tree or shrub to promote rapid and healthy growth from the first years of life.

  • Cut bad roots: If your tree has damaged and weakened roots, it seems important to cut them so as not to weaken your tree. You will thus increase the chance of seeing your tree grow faster in the first years and especially in full health.
  • Praline the roots: Place the roots in garden center praline. Pralin is the ideal mixture to perfectly protect and moisturize the roots of the tree before planting it. This will prevent the roots from being in contact with the air and from drying out once planted in the ground. It’s really a good trick to help the growth of the tree.

5. A stake to straighten and grow a tree

Even before planting your tree in the ground, it is important to have a stake to help it grow and grow straight.

Provide a stake 2 to 3 times the height of your tree to allow the tree to grow straight during the first years of its life without having to change stake over the years.

It is much easier to grow a young tree upright with the help of a stake than to straighten a tree a few years old.

6. Fertilizer and compost to promote tree growth

To promote rapid growth of your tree, it becomes important to improve the quality of your soil.

Add to the top soil a little potting soil, chisel or compost so that it is more nutritious and enriched with vitamins for the health of your tree.

To provide nutrients to your tree, do not hesitate to add to your soil 2 to 3 times a year fertilizer designed to facilitate the growth of trees.

Find out which is better between mineral fertilizers and organic fertilizers to grow your tree.

7. Water the tree well to make it grow

Of course it is important to water your new tree well to accelerate its growth, especially during the first months.

When to water your tree?

If the weather is very dry, hot and sunny, it is all the more important to water your tree to keep the soil moist. This is also true for shrubs and plants, the soil must be moist to promote growth and growth.

Stamp the soil with your feet close to the tree and water it regularly. The soil will need to be kept moist for the next few weeks to increase the chances of your tree growing healthy.

How to make an automatic sprinkler?

To avoid always having to water your sapling, you can make an automatic sprinkler. You will find in this article: Making an automatic watering system, several ideas for tinkering with your own watering system.

8. How long does a tree take to grow?

Tree growth and sprout time vary a lot depending on the type of tree you plant on your land.

As there are slow growing trees and other medium and fast growing trees, the growing time will of course be different. A slow-growing tree will take about ten years to reach 4 to 6 meters, while a fast-growing tree will reach more than 8 meters in the same time.

What are the fastest growing trees:

  • poplar
  • larch
  • the job
  • the lime tree
  • mountain ash
  • silver maple

If you have to remove an old tree stump to plant a new one then come and read our tips and advice on this subject: How to destroy a tree stump?

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