How to make an automatic sprinkler?

How to make an automatic sprinkler?

How to make an automatic sprinkler?

Has your garden sprinkler just broken? Whether it’s to water your plants, your lawn, your flowers or your vegetable garden, why not make your own garden sprinkler?

I offer you here some easy ideas to make an automatic garden sprinkler yourself and for free!

1. Make an automatic watering bottle

Why spend between 20 and 50 euros to buy a sprinkler or a garden turnstile when it is possible to DIY one for free and easily with a bottle?

Of course, this do-it-yourself garden sprinkler won’t propel water as far as a real sprinkler, but for watering the vegetable garden or cooling off in the summer, it’s more than enough!

So here’s how to turn a bottle into a watering can:

  1. Use a plastic bottle in which you will make ten holes with a drill.
  2. Then use old empty pens that you cut in half and place in the holes (see sprinkler image below).

Make a sprinkler with a plastic bottle and pens

Even easier, you can simply make holes in a plastic bottle and then connect your watering can to it as in the image below. It’s hard to get a simpler automatic watering system, isn’t it!

diy automatic watering with a plastic bottle

Here is another idea to make your own rotating sprinkler with a bottle to have fun and cool off this summer:

Make a rotating sprinkler with a bottle

If you just want to water yourself and your children this last idea is sufficient, but if you want to propel the water further and water the whole lawn the first sprinkler system with the tips of the pens is a better solution.

2. Make an automatic sprinkler with PVC pipes

If you want to water a larger area of ​​lawn and garden, this other idea with PVC pipes is very interesting, provided you like to tinker!

So if you have the time and the necessary materials you can also make an automatic watering system for the lawn with pvc pipesas in the image below.

The idea seems ingenious, but requires a little more time to manufacture!

Watering system with pvc pipes for the garden

3. Make an automatic plant sprinkler

If you are looking for an automatic watering system for plants and vegetable plants in the garden, we have a great idea for you!

  1. Take a plastic bottle and poke about 20 small holes all over the surface of the bottle.
  2. Insert the bottle into the ground (you can insert several bottles for all the vegetable plants in the vegetable garden).
  3. Fill the water bottle for automatic and efficient watering of vegetable plants.

Make an automatic plant and vegetable garden sprinkler with a bottle

It’s a great grandmother’s trick to have beautiful tomatoes and promote the growth of vegetable plants in the garden.

4. Drip watering with an upside-down bottle

The plastic bottle can also be used to make your own drip-type watering system to water plants and vegetables in the vegetable garden.

  1. Fill a plastic bottle with water and close with its cap.
  2. Make a small hole in the cork with a nail and a hammer.
  3. Turn the bottle upside down and push it into the ground at your plant.

You can use different sizes of plastic bottle depending on the use. So you can use this drip irrigation system to water a green plant in their pot or the vegetable plants in the garden.

Add a small irrigation cone to the plastic bottle!

You can also use a plastic, ceramic or even clay cone that you attach to the bottle instead of the cap to improve your drip irrigation system.

Bottle Sprinkler Cone

Bottle Sprinkler Cone

  • Drip irrigation system for plants and flowers.
  • Attaches to plastic bottle and wine bottle.
  • Ideal for terrace, balcony and apartment.

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