How to make gold shine?

How to make yellow gold or white gold shine? Rings, earrings, bracelets, chains, whatever gold jewelery you have, it is important to clean and maintain it properly.

To prevent them from losing their luster and dulling, here are some tips and tricks to clean and shine gold.

1. Shine gold with toothpaste

A first trick that works every time to make gold jewelry shine is white paste toothpaste!

Here’s how to use it on your yellow or white gold jewelry:

  1. Apply the toothpaste (white paste) over the entire surface of the gold.
  2. Rub the gold with a soft-bristled brush (an old toothbrush, for example).
  3. Rinse, dry and polish the gold jewelry with a very soft cloth.

It is important to always use a soft cloth and a soft brush to avoid damaging and scratching the gold.

2. Clean gold jewelry with Marseille soap

A mild and effective soap for cleaning jewelry is Marseille soap. With this trick you can clean both your gold jewelry and your silver jewelry.

  1. Add lukewarm water and Marseille soap (liquid) to a bowl and mix well.
  2. Dip the gold jewelry and let it soak for 5 minutes.
  3. Rinse, dry and shine the gold with a small microfiber cloth.

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What can I replace Marseille soap with?

If you don’t have Marseille soap at home then hand soap or liquid dish soap also works great for cleaning gold.

3. Shine yellow and white gold with baking soda

One cleaning recipe that cleans and shines gold is one with baking soda!

If you don’t know this trick then here it is step by step:

  1. Add 1 tablespoon of baking soda in a glass of water and mix well.
  2. Soak the gold jewelry in the mixture for a few minutes and rub it with a cloth.
  3. Wipe the gold jewelry and shine with a soft cloth like the other tips above.

4. Rub gold jewelry with breadcrumbs

A grandmother’s trick that works really well for making white gold or yellow gold jewelry shine is bread crumbs.

  • Make a small firm ball with breadcrumbs.
  • Rub the jewelry with the pellet to make the gold shine.
  • Simply repeat whenever the gold loses its shine.

5. Shine gold with baking powder

The baking powder that is easily found in stores is also a good trick for making gold shine. Here’s how:

  1. Sprinkle baking powder over the gold and scrub with a soft, soft bristle brush.
  2. Rinse the gold with lukewarm water and dry with a very soft cloth to shine the gold.

6. Clean yellow and white gold with jewelry cleaner

Of course you can also use a real cleaning product designed for cleaning gold jewellery.

Connoisseurs is the product that I personally use to wash my jewelry, whether gold or silver. In fact, I purchased this product directly from the jewelry store where my wife and I purchased our wedding rings.

Here’s that same jewelry cleaner for sale on Amazon:

Gold jewelry cleaner

Gold jewelry cleaner

  • Cleans and polishes gold jewelry.
  • For rings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings.
  • Use a cloth to polish the jewelry after cleaning.

7. Tips and Advice on Caring for Gold Jewelry

Finally, I offer you below some tips and practical advice on the maintenance of gold jewelry.

  • Always remove jewelry from hands and fingers when doing household chores or gardening to avoid damaging the gold.
  • Remove gold jewelry when playing sports or physical activity as perspiration may tarnish the gold jewelry.
  • Remove and store the jewelry in a jewel case or storage box so as not to damage or lose it overnight.
  • Take gold jewelry and other precious jewelry to be cleaned and repolished by a professional jeweler in your area.

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