How to make good homemade coffee?

How to make a good coffee… The best coffee?

Whether you are a coffee lover or not, when the time comes to enjoy one at home, it is always very interesting to be able to taste a quality coffee! But what aspects should we check to be sure that the coffee will be good and smooth?

Well that’s what you’ll learn right here! 10 Tips today offers you valuable tips, advice and products for making good coffee. Good tasting !

1. Which coffee grind to choose?

Before even talking about a filter coffee or espresso machine, it is important to understand and choose your type of coffee grind. It is the grind size that will determine, among other things, the type of coffee desired.

Fine coffee grind : This type of fine or even very fine grind is ideal for those who want a coffee with a pronounced and powerful taste. The fine grind is ideal for the espresso coffee and Italian coffee maker owner.

Medium coffee grind : The medium grind is often used with the espresso machine and is very popular for mocha coffee.

Filter coffee grinds : This type of grind, as its name suggests, is designed for the filter coffee machine. This grind is much coarser than the previous ones and cannot be used with the conventional espresso machine.

Which coffee grind to make the best coffee

2. Grind coffee with a coffee grinder

If you are a coffee lover why not grind your coffee beans yourself at home? Whether it’s a manual or electric coffee grinder, it’s a gadget to have at home to make great coffee every morning.

Grinding your coffee at the last minute will make your coffee taste even better! Thus, all its aromas will be preserved until the infusion of your best morning coffee.

If you want to buy a first coffee grinder, here is an electric one and a second manual one at the best price:

You prefer to buy a manual coffee grinder model:

Manual coffee grinder

Manual coffee grinder

  • Precise and consistent grinding of coffee beans
  • Several versions possible
  • TOP quality price!

3. Recent roasting for good coffee

If you want to brew the best coffee in the morning to start your day off right, it’s important to choose a coffee with a recent roast. Some brands of coffee indicate the roasting date on the packet, but the best solution is to go directly to a local roaster.

Coffee roasting

Roasted coffee must be consumed within 30 days of roasting to ensure good coffee. Beyond that, the coffee risks losing a lot of its good taste.

But to be sure that your coffee retains all its properties and qualities, consume it within 10 days of roasting if possible.

If you already have ground coffee and want to keep it as long as possible, it is better to forget the refrigerator. Many people (wrongly) believe that placing ground coffee in the fridge is the best way to preserve coffee quality.

Ground coffee is best stored in an airtight bag in a cupboard, away from direct sunlight and daylight.

Ground coffee hates temperature change and humidity so never put it in the refrigerator after opening the bag.

5. Is it possible to make a good filter coffee?

Not all of us have the time and the talent to make a good espresso coffee, so if you use a filter coffee machine, the following tips are for you.

  • What dosage of water and coffee to use? For the dosage of water and coffee, the rule is simple: 100 ml of water for 10 g of ground coffee.
  • Tap or bottled water? It may seem like a bit of a stretch, but if you really want to make good coffee, it’s best to use bottled water.
  • Do we leave or remove the carafe? Once the coffee has finished brewing, remove the carafe from the coffee machine to prevent the hot plate from burning the coffee.

how to make good filter coffee

If you are looking for a filter coffee maker, Bosch offers a model with a removable water tank, which is really very practical!

6. A French press for good coffee

If you love coffee and want a quick and convenient way to prepare it, the French press is the appliance you need in the kitchen.

Some of the advantages of the French press:

  • Super easy to use
  • Retains coffee heat well
  • Ecological and economical
  • Releases and enhances the fragrance and aromas of coffee
  • Preserves the flavors and taste of coffee

There are different models of French press coffee makers, the prices of which usually vary between 20 and 70 euros for the more upscale models. Here is one of the popular stainless steel French press models that you can buy right here:

French press

French press

  • Can be used for coffee and tea
  • For a quick and tasty coffee
  • No paper filter, no capsule… A real coffee!
  • TOP quality price

7. The Italian coffee maker… The best coffee!

Another type of coffee maker that you can consider buying is the Italian coffee maker or the moka pot if you prefer that term. This coffee maker allows you to make a good or rather one of the best coffees at a low price, quickly and easily. If you don’t like the bitter taste of filter coffee, the Moka coffee maker is the solution for you!

Some advantages of the Italian coffee maker, moka:

  • Perfectly retains coffee aromas
  • Very easy to use
  • Easy to maintain
  • Ideal for Italian coffee lovers
  • Low price and high quality (depending on coffee maker models)
  • Ecological

Here is a popular Italian coffee machine model that you can buy right here at the best price:

Italian coffee maker

Italian coffee maker

  • 4, 6 or 10 cup model available
  • For a tasty Italian coffee
  • Very easy to maintain
  • TOP quality price

8. An espresso machine for a good espresso coffee

If you are a big espresso coffee lover then buying a real automatic espresso machine or not (depending on your budget) is certainly a good investment to make. offers you below a basic espresso coffee machine and another fully automatic model for a good espresso coffee!

Espresso machine with the best value for money:

Delonghi DEDICA Espresso Machine

Delonghi DEDICA Espresso Machine

  • Ready to use in just 35 seconds
  • Easy to use cappuccino system
  • Modern and compact design
  • TOP quality price

Automatic espresso machine with milk carafe:

9. Thoroughly wash your coffee maker for a good taste of coffee

No matter what type of coffee machine you have at home: French press, capsule coffee maker, automatic espresso coffee maker or filter coffee maker, cleaning and maintenance is extremely important.

How do you make good coffee with good aromas if your machine is dirty and completely scaled up? It is impossible and you know it very well! After each use it is important to clean the nozzle, rinse and clean the filter, clean the milk frother and rinse the water container.

It is also very important to descale the coffee machine once every 30 days or every 60 days for less frequent use of the coffee maker. You will find on the article Descale everything naturally with a full section on descaling the coffee machine. Good reading !

You now know how to make the best coffee so come and read our tips for making the best milk froth: How to make homemade milk froth?

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