How to make homemade milk froth?

How to make milk froth?

Many of us appreciate this delicious little cloud of milk froth on our cappuccinos or even on a good hot chocolate. But did you know that you don’t have to run to the nearest barista to enjoy a good coffee with milk froth?

Indeed, you can easily froth milk at home! Thanks to our tips and tricks for obtaining a beautiful milk froth, with and without a frother, you too can enjoy it for a fraction of the price.

Tips and advice for making homemade milk froth:

1. Which milk to use to make a nice milk froth?

To make a nice creamy milk froth that stays together, you can use the milk of your choice: cow, goat, soy or nut. Some argue that it is better to take low-fat milk, with a maximum content of 2%. However, others say they get a fuller, firmer froth by using whole milk.

So choose the milk that suits you, and experiment with different methods and milk froths!

Know that it is possible to froth hot or cold milk, depending on the technique used. It is certain that the milk froth obtained with a steam rod or the microwave will be hot. However, with a manual frother, you can make a nice cold milk froth no problem.

Did you just get an espresso machine that has a steam rod to froth the milk? Nothing could be simpler to obtain a nice firm foam.

Here is how to froth milk with this steam nozzle:

  • Pour low-fat milk into the metal pot provided for this purpose, and insert the steam rod just below the surface. Start it, and be careful of the splashes.
  • Move the jug so that the steam rod is higher, lower, closer to the rim, or farther from the rim, to incorporate air into the milk and break up larger bubbles. The bubbles should get progressively smaller.
  • Once the milk volume has increased significantly (about double the volume for a cappuccino or 1 1/2 times the volume for a latte), remove the wand from the jug.
  • Immediately pour the desired amount of frothed milk into your espresso or other hot drink.

If you want a good espresso machine with a steam nozzle to froth your milk, here is a cheap model from Delonghi, the DEDICA EC685M machine:

Espresso machine, Delonghi

Espresso machine, Delonghi

  • Professional milk frothing nozzle
  • Multifunctional filter for superb coffee
  • TOP quality price for this espresso machine

There are several models of milk frothers. Some aerators are manual while others are electric. Here are 3 models that allow you to froth milk quickly and easily:

Small battery operated frother:

One is a small, battery-operated device that stirs milk and creates froth by injecting air into the liquid. It is used in the same way as the steam rod of an espresso machine.

Manual milk frother:

The other looks like a French press for making coffee. Simply pour in the hot milk, and activate the plunger repeatedly until you obtain a very firm milk froth.

Manual milk frother

Manual milk frother

  • Frother with manual piston for whipping milk
  • A real creamy milk froth
  • Made of glass and dishwasher safe

Automatic electric milk frother:

Another kitchen gadget is the electric milk frother. You don’t have to do anything except pour the milk into the frother and turn it on. In the end, a nice and good milk froth for your coffee.

Electric frother

Electric frother

  • For hot or cold frothing
  • For a creamy and smooth foam
  • Easy and quick to use

4. Froth milk with an electric mixer or blender

If you don’t have a manual frother, steam wand or electric frother, you can opt for a hand mixer, or even a stand mixer. Just use the same technique as with the manual frother, because these devices froth the milk thanks to the air they inject into the milk.

These devices can be used for both hot and cold frothed milk. Be careful not to put too much milk in the mixing bowl, in order to avoid getting it everywhere! ?

Did you know you can froth milk at home? And without the need to buy a fancy espresso machine?

All you need is:

  • Milk
  • A clean jam jar
  • A microwave

To make this mousse, you must first

  • Pour low-fat (2%) milk into a jar
  • Shake vigorously to create foam
  • Open the jar and place it in the microwave for a few seconds to stabilize the foam.

Without the microwave cooking step, the milk froth will collapse into the milk immediately.

Don’t have a frother? If you have a wire whisk, you can still make a nice homemade milk froth for your morning coffee.

Pour your hot milk into a large bowl, and whisk until you get a firm foam.

This method takes a little longer than the frother or the beater, but in the end you will get a nice creamy milk froth.

Want to make homemade milk froth, but don’t have a frother or microwave? If you’re a tea lover, you probably have a metal ball for making loose leaf tea.

To froth milk with a tea infuser, simply dip it into the container with the hot milk and shake vigorously. It’s even easier with a tea infuser with clips, but you can still froth your milk with a ball attached to a chain. Just drop it into a resealable glass jar half-filled with hot milk and shake.

Did you know that you can easily froth milk with your Thermomix? Here’s how :


  • 350 grams cold semi-skimmed milk
  • 60 grams of ice cubes

Pour the milk and ice cubes into the bowl of your Thermomix, and mix for 20 seconds at speed 6. Then, using the whisk, froth at speed 4. To finish, program the appliance for 6 minutes at 80 °C, at speed 2.

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