How to make up green eyes?

How to make up her green eyes? Are you one of the lucky ones with green eyes? How about discovering some good tips to highlight them?

So for all those with green eyes here are some easy and practical makeup tips to do at home.

1. Bring out the green eye color

To make the color of your green eyes even more sparkle and stand out, you can create a superb contrast with black or at least very dark makeup! This will give you a look that is both sexy and smoky.

Black mascara, a line of black pencil under the eyes and a line of eyeliner on top. Complete the makeup with black or very dark gray eye shadow.

Make a smoky eyes on green eyes:

2. Create a subtle effect

If you want to make your green eyes stand out without being over the top, you can simply draw a thin line of eyeliner on top of the eyes with a bit of mascara.

Your look will be well contrasted without being too much makeup. This is ideal if you want to highlight your green eyes while maintaining the natural side.

3. Make her green eyes shine

Did you know that green goes well with silver and gold sparkles and colors? And these days, many eye shadows are shimmering.

So to bring a beautiful shine to your eyes, opt for cosmetics and makeup products with shine!

Here is a makeup tutorial for green eyes:

4. Match colors of the same tone well

Green eyes will go very well with colors of the same tone such as gray, silver or even shades of green.

So you can choose one or more of these color shades for your eye shadows (It’s ideal for a more natural green eye makeup).

For a natural make-up of green eyes and other colors, it is better to choose colors of the same tone.

5. Green with green

For a beautiful look without contrast and natural you can choose green color for green eye makeup.

There are pencils, eyeliners and mascaras in shades of green that will support the green color of your eyes.

On the other hand, you should avoid putting an eye shadow that is also green. And if you absolutely insist on it, choose a green that tends towards brown or better towards purple.

6. Brighten your look

If you are looking for the right makeup trick to brighten your look, then brown tones are the solution.

Indeed, the shades of brown and purple will make your look clearer and brighter. These colors will be good allies to bring out the beauty of your green eyes.

7. Makeup tips for green eyes:

Now here are some more makeup tips and tricks to make up and highlight your green eyes:

Strengthen green eye color: The complementary color of green is the color purple. To strengthen your look, use shades with a little mauve and violet.

Avoid using blue: Blue is not going to be a great makeup color to apply with your green eyes. It would be better to choose something else.

Apply concealer: If you have dark circles or puffiness under your eyes, you could apply a little concealer. Thus, all the attention will be focused only on your beautiful green eyes.

Wearing false eyelashes: Long black lashes totally rock green eyes! If your eyelashes are too short or not thick enough, don’t hesitate to put on beautiful, long false eyelashes.

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