How to move heavy furniture easily?

How to move heavy furniture easily? Whether it is during a move or a change in a room, it is important to be careful when moving large, heavy furniture.

To avoid hurting you, I offer you my own tips and tricks for moving heavy furniture efficiently.

1. Move heavy furniture with rags

The first trick that I personally always use at home for moving large pieces of furniture is the use of fabrics: rags, bath towels, blankets, etc.

Of course, this trick is effective only if you have to move the furniture in the same room or at least on the same floor and without obstacles.

Here’s how to move a piece of furniture on a floor:

  1. With the help of another person, lift the corners of the furniture and place blankets or towels on them.
  2. Then gently push the furniture on the floor, taking care to check that the covers remain in place throughout the move.

2. Move a large piece of furniture on a carpet, a rug

If the piece of furniture you want to move is on a carpet, the solution of sliding pads is the best solution.

  1. Lift the corners of the furniture and place the sliding pads on them (get help from another person so as not to injure yourself by lifting the furniture)
  2. Gently push the furniture while the other person directs and pulls the furniture to the other side.

You can also use plastic covers (resistant) to move furniture on a carpet if you don’t have sliders at home.

3. Gadget to easily move furniture

Before moving on to moving straps (proposed later in the article) I want to share with you a great find that will make moving large furniture easier.

Moving heavy furniture alone:

What’s great about this product is that you can lift and move furniture by yourself, without anyone’s help.

Furniture lifting kit

Furniture lifting kit

  • Very resistant, supports up to 300 kg per roll
  • Easy and quick to use for moving furniture
  • For heavy furniture and appliances

You can also get a cart with wheels or better a hand truck for transporting heavy loads if you prefer.

4. Moving straps for transporting heavy furniture

Of course, to easily lift, transport and move a large piece of furniture or a household appliance, moving straps are the solution!

On the other hand for this trick it is necessary to be 2 people to lift and move the furniture.

This belt lifting system is the best solution for transporting a large piece of furniture from one room to another or to help you during a move.

Are you moving soon?

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5. Other tips for lifting and moving heavy furniture:

  • Always empty the interior of the cabinet to reduce the weight (clothes, books, etc.)
  • If possible, remove the drawers and removable shelves from the furniture.
  • Always force with your legs and never your back because you risk injuring yourself.
  • Always check the condition of the felt pads before pushing to avoid damaging the parquet.
  • Ask another person to help you move heavy furniture.

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