How to open a jar easily?

How to open a glass jar easily?

It’s inevitable: you’re in a hurry and have to open a jar of sauce or something else, in order to make the meal quickly. Despite your best efforts, the lid refuses to open. It’s frustrating and tiring, especially for those who lack hand strength or suffer from arthritis or rheumatism.

Fortunately, there are tricks to make your life easier. therefore offers you its tips and tricks for opening a recalcitrant jar easily.

Tips and tricks for opening a jar that is too tight:

Often it’s the pressure inside the jar that keeps it from opening easily. So start by reducing the pressure by giving a good blow on the bottom of the jar with the palm of your hand.

You will hear a popping sound, meaning the seal has popped. The lid of the jar should then open easily.

If our first trick of knocking under the glass jar didn’t work as expected, try loosening the seal on the lid by lightly tapping around the lid with a wooden spoon.

You could also use the blunt end of a knife, but be careful not to hit too hard or you’ll break the glass. Unfortunately you risk damaging the lid of the jar with this trick, but sometimes you have no choice!

3. A bottle opener to open a tight jar

To loosen the seal of a tight jar, insert a bottle opener between the lid and the jar. Slightly pry until you hear the sound of the seal releasing.

A simple trick that often works for a very recalcitrant jar!

If your hands lack strength, help yourself open a tight glass jar with these simple tricks:

  • With rubber gloves: Wear rubber washing-up gloves, these will prevent your hands from slipping on the glass of the jar and the lid.
  • With a rubber band: wrap a rubber band of the right size around the lid of the jar. This will help you grip the lid better.
  • With a laundry softener sheet: fabric softener wipes are less slippery than cloth. Wrap the lid of the jar with the fabric softener sheet to give you better traction.
  • With a damp cloth: Similar to fabric softener wipes, a damp cloth might be enough to give you more traction on the lid.

5. A jar clamp to easily open a too tight jar

To make your life easier if you suffer from pain in your hands or fingers, get a jar tongs. This accessory allows you to easily open even the most recalcitrant jar.

The jar clamp grabs onto the lid, giving you a better grip on it. 10-Trucs offers you below a pliers model that will allow you to open any jar, even the most recalcitrant of all! Here is the Brabantia Open-All Tongs:

Jar clamp

Jar clamp

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Gently insert the blade of a butter knife or other flat utensil between the glass and the lid. This may be enough to cause the seal of a jar lid to come loose.

Peel off the lid of the jar with hot water:

If the lid won’t open because the contents of the jar are sticky, run the jar under hot tap water for a few seconds. Alternatively, soak the jar upside down in a little hot water. The hot water will melt the sugar that got stuck between the jar and the lid. You should be able to open the jar afterwards.

Opening a sticky canning jar with a blow dryer:

To open a canning jar containing jam or any other sticky substance, heat the lid with a hair dryer. The heat will soften the sugar between the jar and the lid, allowing you to open it more easily.

8. Pierce the lid of a recalcitrant jar

Another trick for opening a tight jar is to poke a small hole in the lid. This will release the pressure inside the jar. To do this, use the tip of a sharp knife, or an ice pick.

Be careful when handling a knife or other sharp object to avoid cutting yourself. An injury can happen so quickly, so watch out!

If your jar has a lid with a rubber seal:

  • Soak it for a few minutes in hot water, upside down.
  • Then gently slide a butter knife under the washer.

The lid and jar seal should come loose.

10. Why buy a puck opener to open jars?

Do you make your own preserves in jars with washers? Do you often have trouble opening a jar with washer? Buy a puck puller designed for this purpose!

Also called a tongue puller, this little kitchen tool will allow you to easily open your washer jars. Here is a very popular and easy to use 3-in-1 puck puller on a jar or terrine:

Puck puller

Puck puller

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