How to organize a surprise birthday?

How to organize a surprise birthday? Organizing a surprise birthday is certainly fun, but it also involves a lot of planning and organization. Preparing everything in secret is not always easy. Making the guest list, choosing the right date, renting a room… Here are our tips and ideas for preparing this surprise birthday party.

1. Make sure it will be a nice surprise

Before organizing a surprise party, it is necessary at all costs to be certain that the birthday party will be delighted with this surprise because not all people like this kind of surprise party.

Indeed, there are people who are uncomfortable or too shy to fully appreciate this kind of surprise. It is therefore necessary to be certain that it is a good idea before undertaking this organization.

2. Nobody else had the same idea as you?

You may not be the only person who wants to surprise this person with a birthday.

If you are a friend, maybe the family had the same idea as you and vice versa. It is therefore necessary to make sure that you have the free field to organize the surprise party.

And if not, why not lend a hand to the family who also wants to have a surprise party. Pair your ideas with others to make this day the most beautiful of birthdays!

3. Find the right accomplices for the party

To organize a surprise birthday, you will certainly have to find accomplices who will help you organize the party.

You also have to think about the accomplices who will help you keep this person away from the preparations to finally attract him to the place where the surprise party will take place.

4. Choose a date for the surprise

The ideal is to choose the very day of the birthday of the person celebrated to organize the party. On the other hand, if the birthday falls on a weekday then it is better to organize the surprise the previous weekend or the following weekend.

Of course, before agreeing on a final date, you must make sure that the birthday person has nothing important planned. We don’t know, maybe she’ll be out of town or held up on business.

Make sure family and close friends are all available for this date.

5. What type of evening and party?

Are you going to have an intimate surprise birthday party with just a few friends and family members or are you planning a big party night?

This is one of the first things to ask yourself before you start planning the party. As we said earlier in the article, if the birthday person is discreet, it is better to go there as a more intimate evening.

6. Send invitation cards

It’s important to send out invitations to let guests know the date, location, time, and name of the birthday person. ?

It is also necessary to add your own coordinates by mentioning that it is a surprise evening! Give a few days for the return of answers and mention the important details of the evening.

You can also ask for a voluntary contribution from the guests to help you with the organization and purchases necessary for the surprise party.

7. Buffet and food for the party

You will of course have to offer food to your guests. You can choose a gourmet buffet, a cold buffet or simply delicious bites and appetizers. It will also be necessary to think of the birthday cake according to the number of guests present.

If you don’t want to organize everything from A to Z, the best thing is to hire a catering service. The latter will be able to take care of the food and service throughout the day and evening.

8. Decide on the location of the birthday

Depending on the number of guests there will be, you will have to decide where this surprise birthday will be held. Will you be renting a venue, partying in your own home or at the home of a loved one?

On the other hand, it would perhaps be better not to celebrate at the birthday party’s place in order to avoid having them taken with the unpleasant surprise of the mess that will follow. Also, doing this at home will make him feel like the host rather than the birthday party and it will cause him unnecessary stress.

Renting a room or a chalet is undoubtedly the best idea for preparing a surprise birthday party.

9. The arrival of the birthday person!

Of course, it will be necessary to find who will bring the birthday party to the party and how this person will manage to get there, keeping it a secret until the very last second.

So that the surprise is present until the end, everyone will have to remain discreet until the big day. You will have to coordinate and inform people well so that everything happens in the greatest secrecy.

A plan will therefore have to be established to properly coordinate his arrival and the surprise effect, it is really very important!

10. Make a “checklist”

Organizing a surprise party requires good organization, good logistics and a lot of preparation. Make a list of all the things you need to do for the evening.

This involves the preparations, the equipment to be provided, the details concerning the guests, the birthday party and everything else. Make a list to make sure you don’t forget anything!

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