How to perfume your laundry naturally?

How to perfume laundry naturally?

Do you find that your laundry smells bad or smells nothing and gives off no good smell? So why not perfume your laundry and have laundry that always smells good!

Here are some tips and tricks to scent your laundry naturally and even your laundry!

Tips for scenting your laundry naturally:

1. Scent your laundry for laundry that smells good

A first trick that works really well to naturally scent your laundry is to act at the source, directly in the washing machine.

Indeed, the use of essential oils in the washing machine is an excellent trick to scent the laundry naturally and quickly.

Simple tip as all, here is how to perfume your laundry:

  1. Pour 10 drops of lavender essential oil onto a clean, slightly damp cloth.
  2. Place the laundry or rag in the bottom of the washing machine tub.
  3. Place the clothes and linens to be washed and run the normal cycle as usual.

2. Scent your clothes with lavender

Always with lavender but this time dried lavender, it is possible to leave a sweet scent on your laundry. Here’s how to use it on her clothes:

  1. Buy or make small fabric sachets of dried lavender.
  2. Place lavender sachets in drawers, closets and directly under piles of clothing.

As lavender is relaxing, you can also place it under the pillow or even under the sheets for a good night’s sleep.

3. Scent your laundry while ironing

Another trick that can be done to perfume and have clothes with a good smell is to perfume the ironing water.

How for the laundry trick we are going to use HE for this trick:

  1. Add about 3 to 5 drops of lavender essential oil directly to the water in the iron or steam generator.
  2. Iron the garment as usual to impregnate your laundry with a soft lavender scent.

It’s a good trick for perfuming and at the same time eliminating musty smells on clothes forgotten in the closet or in the bottom of a drawer.

4. Naturally smelling laundry with cedar

Have you ever seen a cedar chest or an entire closet made of cedar? When I was a kid we had a cedar closet in the basement and let me tell you the laundry in there smelled like cedar.

It’s hard to do more natural than cedar to perfume your laundry, isn’t it!

In addition to naturally and deeply perfuming clothes, cedar eliminates or rather repel moths.

Use a cedar block!

If you don’t have a cedar chest, you can place a small block of cedar in each of the linen drawers or in all the closets in the house.

5. Scent your laundry in the dryer

Another way to scent laundry easily is to scent it while drying, directly in the dryer!

  1. Pour a few drops of essential oil on a washcloth and place it in the dryer.
  2. Place laundry and clothes to be dried in the machine and start drying.

This trick is also effective in eliminating the musty smell on your clothes. A few minutes in the dryer set to cold air is enough to perfume your clothes without risking damaging them.

6. Tricks for laundry that always smells good

Now, here are some tips and things to do to help you always keep your clothes and linens smelling fresh.

  • Dry your clothes on the washing line outside and in the bright sun if possible.
  • Never leave damp laundry « dragging » in the washing machine once the wash is finished.
  • Never pile a « big » pile of clothes in a drawer or closet.
  • It is best to hang your clothes on racks to avoid the musty smell.
  • Place a potpourri in the closet to keep it smelling good.

For other tips and tricks to deodorize clothes and eliminate bad odors, it’s here: What to do with stinky laundry?

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