How to prevent the washing machine from moving?

1. Check if the washing machine is level

The first thing to check if your washing machine is moving and vibrating is to check if it is level.

  1. Place the spirit level on top of the machine to see if it is straight.
  2. Adjust the height at the front or rear of the machine as needed using the adjustable legs.

Take the time to check the level with the floor of your machine a few times a year, because over the wash and spin cycles, there may be changes.

2. Washing machine that vibrates and jumps while spinning

It is common to see your washing machine vibrate and even jump while spinning the laundry. No matter how old your machine is, it happens regularly!

The most likely cause of this vibration is improper balancing of laundry and clothes in the tub. Indeed, the linen can cause an imbalance which thus causes an imbalance during spinning.

To avoid the formation of an imbalance in the washing machine follow these simple rules:

  • Do not overload the machine with laundry and clothes.
  • Avoid washing only an accessory such as a duvet or a bath mat, as this same phenomenon may occur.
  • Do not overload the washing machine with very absorbent bath towels and linens.
  • Mix different types of textiles and clothes to have a good balance during the spin cycle.

3. Check the condition of the washing machine drain pump

If you notice your washing machine moving a lot during the rinse and spin cycle, the pump may be at fault.

Indeed, if your machine’s drain pump is in poor condition or even clogged, this can prevent the water from draining properly, causing an imbalance to form.

Here are some symptoms of a malfunctioning drain pump:

  • the machine jumps and vibrates during the spin cycle and at the end of the cycle.
  • there is still water in the tub at the end of the cycle.
  • the clothes are still very wet when they come out of the machine.
  • a strong odor emanates from the washing machine.

4. Have you removed the shipping screws?

If you have just bought a new washing machine, it is important to remove the shipping screws.

Indeed, if you have not removed the transport screws, it may very well be the cause of the vibrations and jerks of the washing machine.

Where are the shipping screws located?

These are small steel rods or « kinds » of bolts that secure the drum of the machine during transport and installation.

5. Video: Why is my washing machine moving?

Finally, here is a video that explains several possible causes of a washing machine that moves, vibrates and jerks.

The video explains these problems well:

  • device stability
  • the weight of laundry in the tub
  • shock absorbers
  • the machine stand
  • water drainage

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