How to properly cook your rice?

How to successfully cook rice?

Rice can be eaten both as a main course and as a side dish. It is enjoyed in many cultures and can be prepared in different ways.

Seasoning, vegetables, lentils and more. But no matter how you prepare it, you still need to know a few basic tips to make your rice a success. Here are 10 tips for cooking rice and making it successful!

Basmati rice, wild rice, white rice, brown rice, there are a multitude of rice varieties in the world. Let’s start immediately with our cooking tips to make your rice a success tonight. Good reading!

1. A good rinse

Some kinds of rice, such as basmati rice and jasmine rice, can be rinsed. It is even advisable to rinse this type of rice well before starting to cook.

2. A little dip for brown rice

Brown rice takes longer to cook. To save time, you can soak the brown rice in a bowl of water, placed in the refrigerator. A few hours and then you can cook the rice according to your preferred method.

3. Calculate the amount of water for cooking

If you cook your rice in a pot of water, remember that it’s not the same as pasta. Pasta should be cooked in plenty of water, while rice, depending on the brand, will require a specific amount of water. If you do not take the amount of water into account during cooking, you risk having sticky and unappetizing rice for dinner.

4. Bake the rice in the oven

Simply pour your rice into a baking dish. Add the same amount of water as you would when cooking it in a saucepan. Cover the dish with aluminum foil and place the dish in the oven at 350F.

Baking is another way to cook rice to perfection while still retaining that crunchy side of rice that we love so much.

5. Always use cold water

When you add your water to the rice, make sure it is cold. It will be better for rice and cooking.

6. Always put a lid on

If you don’t put a lid on, the water will evaporate and the rice will not cook at its best. Normally you should not touch the lid of the cauldron and especially do not stir the rice before the end of cooking.

Did you know that cooking rice can also be done in a pressure cooker? Here is an article about it: How to choose your pressure cooker?

7. Do not stir the rice during cooking

As we said in the previous point, if you stir the rice during cooking, your rice will risk sticking more afterwards.

8. Check for craters

When you see small craters appearing on the surface, it’s a sign that your rice is cooked enough. There is no more water so close the fire quickly so as not to burn the rice.

9. Set the rice to rest

Wait at least 5 or 10 minutes before eating the rice. Leave it in its pot with the lid on so the grains of rice will retain their moisture. This is an important step in successfully cooking rice.

10. Add butter and salt

White rice will be excellent and tastier if you add butter and salt just before the end of cooking.

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