How to properly heat your home this winter?

How to heat a house in winter on the cheap?

When winter, cold and snow approaches, it is quite normal to worry about the heat in our house. Indeed, when it’s cold and winter arrives, one of our priorities is to keep our little family warm in the house.

10 Tips offers you some easy tips and tricks to heat the house this winter without spending all your money!

1. The correct heating temperature in the rooms

If you do not want the heating of the house this winter to be too expensive, it is important to select the right temperature on the thermostat.

Indeed, the ideal heat in the house is 19 or 20 degrees for the common rooms and 18 degrees for the bedrooms.

Of course, depending on your level of comfort, you can increase the temperature during cold winter days. This is especially important if you have young children or elderly people at home.

Did you know that for each degree above 19º C in the house you consume on average up to 4% additional heating energy.

Keep warm in the bedroom:

If you want to keep yourself warm this winter in your bedroom, it is important to buy a good duvet. Here is a guide to choosing the right one: How to choose a warm duvet?

2. Do not heat all the rooms of the house unnecessarily

Do you have a bad habit of turning up the heat in every room of the house, even the ones you don’t go to during the day?

It is best to heat the rooms you use the most during the day and avoid heating the others. Just close the doors to avoid cold drafts elsewhere in the house during the winter.

But be careful, it is still necessary to keep a minimum temperature in the unused rooms so as not to damage the house by the cold.

3. Heat the house naturally with the sun

The sun is a great tip when it comes to heating in winter! Indeed, the sun is a good way to naturally and fully warm a house in winter.

Indeed, one only has to visit a house with a veranda to notice how much the sun increases the heating throughout the house, even in winter!

So when it’s very sunny outside, open the curtains wide and let in the warm sun’s rays throughout the day, until you return.

Ventilate the house in winter when it is sunny

10 minutes a day, when the sun is at its hottest, open the windows in certain rooms of the house. Thus the humidity will leave the house making the house easier to heat.

Because too much humidity in the house makes heating more difficult and you risk spending a lot more money on heating the house in winter. This is why it is important to know and control the relative humidity level in the house.

4. Leave the oven door open after cooking

A very simple and free trick to heat the house or rather the kitchen is to use the heat offered by your oven.

In fact, when you’ve finished cooking your favorite meal, simply leave the oven door ajar to let the heat escape. A free and easy trick to warm up quickly.

5. A heat reflector to save on heating

Do you use radiators for heating the house in the winter? Well, did you know that it was possible to use a heat reflector to optimize its heating?

Indeed, it is enough to install the heat reflectors behind the radiators. In this way the heat will be sent everywhere in the room instead of remaining mainly on the outside wall.

6. Counter heat loss in the house

It will be more difficult and more expensive to heat a house if it loses heat. Windows and doors in the house can actually let in a lot of cold drafts, especially in the winter.

To avoid letting the cold in and the heat out, it is very important to caulk the joints between your walls, your windows and your doors.

Did you know that old windows can cause up to 20% heat loss in a house?

7. Beware of excessive humidity in the house

Did you know that the humidity in a house in winter should be between 30% and 50%?

  • Cold winter: if the winters are very cold in your home then aim for 30% humidity.
  • warm winter: if the winters are warmer, 50% is interesting as a humidity level.

If you want cheap heating, or at least a better price this winter, it is better to keep a continuous check on the relative humidity of the house.

Indeed, heating a damp house is much more difficult than the reverse. You therefore risk spending a lot of money on heating if the humidity in the house exceeds 50% or worse, 60%.

Hygrometer and dehumidifier to eliminate humidity in the house

A hygrometer and a dehumidifier, the winning duo for controlling and maintaining the correct level of humidity in a home, both in winter and in summer.

Here is to start a hygrometer that you can buy and install in order to quickly know the relative humidity level in the house.

Is the humidity too high in the house?

To eliminate excess humidity in your home, a dehumidifier is the quick and effective solution to control and reduce this humidity.



  • Ideal for reducing humidity in a house.
  • Eliminate up to 7.5 liters of water/day.
  • Very quiet operation.

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