How to properly organize a move?

How to properly organize your move?

A move is rarely simple. There are a lot of things to think about, great logistics and coordination are required and of course, there is all the stress that we carry on our shoulders.

But know that if you do things one at a time and are well organized, you should be fine. Here are some pro tips for planning and organizing a move.

1. Sorting before moving

To succeed in a move, you must of course learn to sort well! Indeed, before undertaking a move, you must sort out all the things you have at home. It is certain that many things will no longer be of use to you in your new house or new apartment.

Over time, we accumulate a lot of stuff, furniture and accessories of all kinds, so take the time to sort it out before moving!

Take the time to sort out the things you want to keep, donate or get back. Indeed, depending on the articles and things in the house, some will be to be thrown away, others to be given away and finally others to be sold.

2. Get rid of unwanted things after sorting

Have you finally finished sorting your decorative items, your kitchen accessories, your clothes and your furniture?

Now is the time to get rid of all those things that you no longer want to keep and especially that you do not want to move to your new home.

So some of these things just aren’t good anymore, so of course you have to throw them away. But for everything else, you can give them away or even sell them at a low price in order to recover some money.

For one or the other, you can organize a garage sale, a garage sale or even advertise your things for sale on classified ad sites or on social networks.

Donate to an organization that fights poverty

Of course you can also choose to donate all your old things that you no longer use to an organization that fights poverty.

It’s a great way to help the poorest and thereby do a good deed by getting rid of the stuff you no longer want.

You can also go to a second-hand store or a thrift store to donate your old clothes.

3. Find cardboard boxes to move

Planning and organizing a move also means finding cardboard boxes, LOTS of moving boxes!

We often start too late to try to find boxes and we realize that it is not always easy to find them the day before the move.

Of course, you can buy real moving boxes sold in big-box stores and some hardware stores. But if you want a move that won’t cost you much, why not find a free alternative?

Here are some ideas for finding free moving boxes:

  • Ask your friends and family for cardboard boxes
  • Ask your supermarket for boxes
  • Check in the cardboard container behind the mall
  • Check with the factories in your neighborhood

4. Properly identify the boxes for the move

It is very important to identify its boxes in order to know in which room they will go once moved to the new apartment.

On the other hand, writing that the word « living room » on a box is a little too vague. Because you see, some boxes are filled several weeks before moving day. There may be times when you need a particular item, but how do you know which box that thing is in?

Here is some useful information to include on your moving boxes:

  • on what floor
  • in which room or room
  • a short summary of what’s in the box
  • whether the content is fragile or not
  • if the box is heavy, etc.

5. Put away things you don’t use!

I make a point of mentioning it because often, under the blow of the nervousness, people go too quickly and do not think any more about it. Be strategic and logical when packing your moving boxes.

Start by storing in the boxes all the things you won’t need until the move. Little trick: start by storing decorative items!

Store one room at a time

To complete themoving tip above, it is better to start with a general theme to store. For example the decor. If you start with the decoration, store the accessories and decorative items in all the rooms.

But once you get down to things that are less “general”, it would be better to tidy up piece by piece so as not to spread yourself too thin.

6. Hire professional movers

If you are short on time and are particularly unorganized then why not call on professional movers?

A word of advice: get as early as possible to book movers. Several weeks or even better several months before moving into your new home.

Compare prices of movers!

It is also very important to shop around and compare the offers of the different moving companies in your area.

Find the one that offers the best value for money. Also trust their reputation and consumer reviews. Also check that the company in question offers insurance in the event of equipment breakdown.

It is possible to make a cheap move if you take the time to compare the rates and packages offered by the movers.

7. A cheap move thanks to friends and family!

If you have a few good friends and want to save on moving and moving costs, here’s what you can do.

Hire movers only for large furniture and appliances to be moved into the new house! And you, take care of the small pieces of furniture and the cardboard boxes.

Of course, you will have to work hard, find a little help and use your own cars, but you will save a lot of money for your move.

So prepare the beer and the pizza for your friends and family who will come to help you move. ?

8. Provide the necessary equipment for a move

Don’t forget to plan the tools and other materials you may need during your move. Here are the materials needed to successfully move like a pro:

  • cardboard boxes
  • Scotch tape
  • self-adhesive labels
  • markers
  • moving blankets (to prevent damage to furniture)
  • protective covers for mattresses and sofas
  • A hand truck for moving large furniture and appliances
  • friends and arms ? ?

9. See to the reception and shipping

When you hire movers, it’s good to have someone at home but also another person at the new house.

This way you can greet the movers, keep an eye on what’s going on and sweep up every time a piece of furniture is removed.

The other person who receives at the new house will be able to direct the movers, place a little and also take an eye on everything that is going on.

Happy moving ?

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