How to properly trim your goatee and beard?

How to properly trim your goatee and beard?

How to properly trim your goatee?

Long beard, goatee and pointed beard, 3-day beard, no matter what type of beard you have, it is important to trim it well and maintain it well!

I therefore propose to you today my best tips and tricks for trimming your beard or trimming your goatee.

1. The tools needed to properly trim your beard

Of course, you could entrust the cutting and trimming of your beard to a barber. However, with the right tools, you will achieve great results in the comfort of your bathroom.

To properly trim and cut his long beard you need:

  • A beard trimmer
  • A shavette for beard contours
  • A beard comb
  • A beard brush
  • mustache scissors
  • An oil specifically designed for the maintenance of the beard

I now offer you the steps to follow to properly trim your beard and goatee:

  1. Start by combing your beard and your mustache so that all the hairs go in the same direction.
  2. Use a trimmer for an even size. If you’re not sure what length you want, start with the longest clog and work your way down. For those who want a longer beard, increase the size of the comb as your beard grows.
  3. Use trimmer settings smaller (from two sizes down) as you move, in order to fade the length at the neck and cheeks. This is the right technique to make a nice gradient.
  4. Trim your mustache properly: first comb all the hair on the sides of the mouth and trim to the desired length. Then, comb the hair above the lip and remove the comb to cut off anything hanging over the lip.
  5. Use scissors for a nice finish and trim stray hairs.
  6. Finish with a beard oil or a moisturizer. These products will keep your hair healthy and prevent it from getting dry and itchy.

Video: Trim your beard with a clipper

Here is a great video that shows step by step how to trim your beard with a clipper:

Which beard trimmer to buy to trim your mustache, goatee and beard?

Depending on your style of beard, mustache or goatee, it is important to choose a trimmer adapted to your beard style. You will find a large selection of mowers online and in stores at different prices and for different uses.

If you are looking for a quality beard trimmer as well as the necessary accessories to trim and comb your beard, this kit is for you:

Remington beard trimmer

Remington beard trimmer

  • Complete kit for cutting, trimming and styling your beard.
  • For long or short beard.
  • Ideal for trimming your goatee to a point.

A beard is beautiful, but hair that grows haphazardly on the neck is less so.

Here is how to properly trim the beard in the neck:

  • Adjust the length of the trimmer comb to be 2 sizes smaller than the length of the one you use to trim your beard and goatee.
  • Shave everything below this neck line, between the neckline and Adam’s apple, using a manual razor.
  • As your beard grows longer, you can keep the same setting on the trimmer when trimming the neck beard.

Even if you have a full, well-groomed beard, you’ll probably want the hair between your neckline and Adam’s apple to be relatively short.

The 3-day beard regularly returns to fashion among men. However, just not shaving isn’t enough to make a 3-day beard look great.

Here’s how to properly trim your 3-day beard:

  • Start by letting your beard grow for 5 days (not 3 days, but 5 days) this will allow the hair to be thicker and thicker.
  • Using the longer comb, run the trimmer against the direction of hair growth, from bottom to top. Then, repeat the same thing with a shorter hoof, until you reach the desired length. The comb used is important to have a beautiful 3-day beard.
  • Finally, use a precision trimmer to trim around the neck and cheeks to avoid unwanted hair.

Have you opted for the chic “lumberjack” look with a long beard? You will still need to maintain it well and prune it well.

To trim a long beard, here’s how:

  • Start by defining the areas to be shaved using your beard trimmer.
  • Then apply a pre-shave product and shave excess hair with a manual razor.
  • Comb your beard one way and then the other. This will bring out the stubborn hairs and you will only have to cut them with a scissor.
  • Finally, apply some homemade beard oil to keep your long beard moisturized and healthy.

A timeless look, the pointed beard and goatee however require regular maintenance. As soon as the length of your beard allows it Here’s how to properly trim your beard:

  • Start by defining the area to be shaved at the level of the neck and above the Adam’s apple. To help you with this task, the beard stencil comb could be useful.
  • Then, shave off excess hair with a manual razor.
  • Then, to give the beard or goatee that pointed finish, use a trimmer.
  • Begin the waistline at the sides of the face, working down to the chin. Thus, you will sculpt the desired shape.

The goat is very popular despite the fact that it requires regular grooming. Here is the procedure to follow to properly trim your goatee:

  • Trim your beard to the desired length.
  • Draw, using a precision trimmer, the limits of your goatee.
  • Using a manual razor, shave the hairs that will not be part of your goatee, on the cheeks and in the neck.
  • Under the lower lip, cut to create a triangle (or a rounded shape), or remove this section of hair entirely.
  • Carefully touch up the edges of the goatee with the clippers to form well-defined lines, as well as at the level of the mustache.
  • Comb your goatee well and run the clippers all over the goatee to get a finish worthy of a pro.

To end this guide on beard trimming, here is a video that shows you the steps to properly trim your goatee:

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