How to recycle old CDs?

What to do with old scratched CDs and DVDs?

Have a ton of old CDs at home and don’t know what to do with them? Why throw them in the trash or recycle when it is possible to give them a second life?

10 Tips offers you 10 DIY ideas for recycling old CDs and or DVDs. Happy DIY!

Ideas for recycling old CDs:

1. A mosaic coffee table

If you have lots of old CDs why not use them to make a nice mosaic table top. Take a look at the look of this table below. Truly magnificent!

mosaic table with old CDs

2. A nice frame for a mirror

To give a unique look to a mirror in a teenager’s bedroom, for example, why not use pieces of old music CDs?

mirror frame with old CDs

3. A mosaic serving platter

Another idea if you like mosaics why not cover a serving plate with pieces of old CDs and DVDs? look at the look of this plate, beautiful!

Serving plate with old CDs

4. Transform a simple box of tissues ?

Why not make a unique tissue box out of pieces of CDs and DVDs? Take a look below for inspiration!

Tissue box with old CDs and DVDs, mosaic

5. A curtain of CDs

Here is a perfect DIY idea to decorate your teen’s room! Use old CDs and DVDs to create a CD curtain.

make a curtain out of old CDs

6. Wall decoration for your teenager’s room

A bit like the previous idea here is a decorative idea to hang on a wall in your teenager’s bedroom. Very pretty as an idea!

use old CDs for a teen room decoration

7. A unique and original shirt collar

If you like to create new things and be really unique and original then this DIY idea is for you! Here is an idea that consists of using pieces of old CDs to decorate and create a very original shirt collar.

A mosaic shirt collar with CD pieces

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