How to Relieve Chickenpox: Tips and Remedies

How to quickly relieve chickenpox?

Chickenpox can strike at any time in babies. For parents, it can be alarming to see the small pimples of chicken pox appear on the body of their child, it’s completely normal!

Fortunately there are many natural remedies and tips. 10-Trucs therefore presents below 10 remedies to relieve chickenpox.

1. Apply cold water compresses

To quickly relieve the itching caused by chickenpox in children, you can use cold water compresses. Simply apply the cold compress directly to the skin lesions.

You can also use ice cubes wrapped in a clean cloth that you will also apply to the lesions and pimples caused by chickenpox.

2. Relieve chickenpox with a lukewarm bath

Another trick to treat or at least relieve chickenpox in your child is to immerse him in a lukewarm bath for about 15 minutes, 3 to 4 times a day.

Attention, it is only to relieve your child of the itching of chickenpox so especially no bath foam and no soap.

To relieve chickenpox even more effectively you can add about a cup of baking soda to warm bath water.

3. Be careful not to irritate your child’s skin

At night and even during the day, you have to be careful when choosing clothes for your child so as not to irritate his skin even more.

So if your child gets chicken pox cotton clothes are a good choice. Indeed cotton clothes are to be preferred because they are much less irritating than other types of fabrics.

4. Watch out for the sun if you have chickenpox!

The hot rays of the sun are really very painful for the child who has chickenpox or who has just come out of it!

You absolutely must avoid exposure to the sun if you have chickenpox!

Also, did you know that the skin can remain sensitive to the sun for several months after contracting chickenpox? It can even go up to a full year after the chickenpox is over, so watch out for the sun!


Your child should absolutely not scratch even if it may seem good at the time it is really the worst thing to do when you have chickenpox.

The simple act of scratching can turn pimples into permanent scars on your child, so watch out!

6. Cut your child’s nails

To follow up on the previous tip against chickenpox, you have to think about cutting your child’s nails and keeping your hands always very clean to avoid infections.

Small mittens to hide your child’s hands can also be a good idea to prevent your child from scratching his skin.

7. Calm chickenpox with calamine

A simple calamine lotion applied to the lesions can be very helpful in calming and relieving your child of chickenpox.

Some people seem to say that this trick is effective against chickenpox and others not at all. So you have to test to see if it works well for your child.

8. Above all, no talcum powder!

We can read on various sites of grandmother’s remedies that talc is effective in curing chicken pox but yet this is not the case!

You should avoid using talc because it may further accentuate the itching of chickenpox.

9. Keep cool

If your child catches chickenpox during hot summer days, it is essential to keep cool as much as possible.

Indeed, the heat has an aggravating effect for those who catch chicken pox in the summer. You risk having even more itching and lesions caused by chickenpox, so watch out for the heat and the sun.

10. A varicella vaccine

Finally, did you know that there is a vaccine against chickenpox? For children 12 months and older this vaccine can be very effective against chickenpox.

On average, 80% of vaccinated children will not get chickenpox, which is great!

Visit the Government of Quebec website to learn more about the symptoms, treatments and possible complications of chickenpox.

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