How to remove a beet stain?

How to remove a beet stain?

Beets are, as you already know, very messy and can leave nasty stains on fabrics and clothing! It is all the more dangerous if the beets are in jars with a lot of juice.

If unfortunately you have dropped beetroot on the tablecloth, your shirt or other surfaces, here are 10 tips and tricks for removing a beetroot stain.

1. Remove a beet stain with white vinegar

If you are a regular visitor to you know that we really like to use white vinegar for our anti-stain tips!

Here is how to clean a beetroot stain on fabric with vinegar:

  • Warm the white vinegar in a saucepan
  • Soak the stain in lukewarm vinegar and rub (rub gently so as not to damage the garment or fabric)
  • Leave to act for a few moments and repeat to remove all traces of beets
  • Rinse and finish with a wash in the washing machine.

There should be no trace of beet juice now!

2. Bleach on stained white clothing

If you’ve just stained a white garment while making your pickled beetroot recipe, we have a good tip to help you clean it all up.

Be careful, bleach discolors colors so it is important to use this trick on white clothing only!

  • Mix 1 cup of cold water with 1 tablespoon of bleach
  • Soak the beet stain with this bleach
  • Leave on for 1 minute and rinse the garment with water
  • Wash the garment in the washing machine to finish

This bleach cleaning tip is particularly effective on white cotton clothing and for various stains including tomato spots.

3. Hydrogen peroxide and white clothing

Just like bleach, hydrogen peroxide is an excellent bleaching agent. It is therefore interesting to use this product to remove beet stains and other stains from red fruits and vegetables on white clothing.

  • Soak the beet stain with hydrogen peroxide
  • Leave the product on the garment for 1 to 2 minutes
  • Rinse the garment and finish with a normal cycle in the washing machine

Always use hydrogen peroxide based bleach instead of chlorine based bleaches which are much more harmful.

4. 90° alcohol for a stubborn beet stain

How do you remove a stubborn beetroot stain from the carpet? The 90° alcohol-based trick can be a good solution to effectively remove this ugly stain.

  • Lay a paper towel over the stain to soak up as much of the beet juice as possible.
  • Soak a cloth in 90° alcohol and rub the beetroot stain (over the absorbent paper).
  • Rinse lightly and dry with a hair dryer to finish.

Alcohol at 70° or 90° is effective for a multitude of food stains, including carrot stains. Come and read this other article to convince yourself: Remove a carrot stain.

5. Remove an old, encrusted beetroot stain

For a stubborn, encrusted and old beet stain on clothing or other fabric, ammonia is a product that could be useful.

Here’s how to remove this stain:

  • Pour a little ammonia on a cloth.
  • Lightly dab the beet stain.
  • Leave to act for a few minutes and rinse the garment to remove all traces of ammonia.
  • Finish cleaning with a normal cycle in the washing machine.

Be careful to ventilate the room well before using ammonia in the house. Wearing protective gloves for the hands is also necessary.

6. Clean the beetroot stain with lemon

A 100% natural grandmother’s trick for cleaning a beetroot stain on clothing or on a tablecloth is to use lemon juice.

This lemon juice trick is especially effective on a fresh beet stain.

Here’s how to pull off this cleaning trick:

  • Soak the beet stain with lemon juice.
  • Place a paper towel on the stain and leave for 2 minutes.
  • Gently rub the stain and rinse the garment with water.
  • Finish with a cleaning in the washing machine.

7. Clean a beet stain with toothpaste!

Interested in a grandma’s trick for cleaning a beetroot stain with toothpaste?

And yes, part of the tips and tricks on 10-Trucs is devoted to grandmother’s recipes and remedies! So if you like to experiment, here is a thing to do with toothpaste:

  • Apply the toothpaste directly to the beet stains to cover everything.
  • Let the toothpaste act for a few minutes and rub.
  • Rinse the garment with water and finish cleaning in the washing machine.

To succeed in this trick, you must use a white paste toothpaste and not a gel.

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