How to remove a sticker easily?

How to remove a sticker?

Removing a sticker is not always easy. You never really know how to go about it, apart from scratching and leaving little bits here and there on the surface.

So are you tired of struggling to successfully remove those stickers and clean all the stickiness off those labels? offers you below the top tips for successfully removing stickers easily.

1. Remove a sticker with white vinegar

White vinegar is a very popular product on our tips and tricks site. So why not use white vinegar to easily peel off a sticker? Indeed, vinegar can be useful and effective for removing all traces of sticker on a window, on a wall or other surface.

Here’s how to do this cleaning trick:

  • Pour white vinegar into a bowl and heat
  • Soak a cloth or better a sponge in hot vinegar
  • Press and rub on peel off stickers
  • Leave on for a few minutes and remove the sticky paper easily

Removing a sticker or peeling label residue from a fabric is not always easy to achieve.

Removing a sticker with gray adhesive tape:

Gray adhesive tape, also known as duct tape, will be effective in removing a sticker stuck to fabric. To do this, you just have to stick your tape directly on the sticker, press firmly and remove the tape in one go!

Warning: the adhesive tape should only be applied to the sticker without touching the fabric or you risk further damaging your garment.

3. Remove sticker on plastic

It’s not uncommon to see stickers on plastic surfaces isn’t it!? If you don’t want to waste your time taking off those stickers and labels, heat is still an excellent trick.

Use a hair dryer to peel off the label:

  • Take a hair dryer and blow hot air over the sticker.
  • Dry for a few moments in order to heat well and soften the glue behind the label
  • Remove sticker and repeat as needed

Use WD-40 to peel off the sticker:

  • Spray a little wd-40 on a sponge or cloth
  • Vigorously rub the label to successfully remove everything

For a very tenacious sticker you can spray some WD-40 directly on this one. Leave to act for a few minutes and rub with a cloth to remove all traces of glue from the plastic.

4. Remove sticker from wood

The wood is often on a fragile surface, so it is important to be careful when removing a sticker or adhesive. Here are some tips and products to take everything off furniture and wooden surfaces.

Using oil to remove a sticker:

This trick is above all practical on treated wood. Here’s how:

  • Pour oil on a cloth and hold pressure on the sticker.
  • Leave on for a few minutes and the sticker will come off easily.
  • Finish with a soapy water cleaning of the wood.

Use soapy water to remove the adhesive:

If you have scratched the sticker and there are still traces of the sticker, soapy water is the solution to complete the cleaning.

  • Mix water with a few drops of liquid dish soap
  • Soak a sponge and vigorously rub the glue residue

Do you have an old sticker on your car body and want to remove it without damaging the paint or the glass? 10 Tips offers you the use of a hair dryer or even better a heat gun to easily remove and peel off a sticker on a car.

Here are the steps to easily take off a sticker on a car:

  • Heat the sticker to be removed with the hair dryer or heat gun
  • Use a squeegee to gently scrape off the sticker
  • Pull to completely remove the sticker.
  • Use a little synthetic oil to remove small remaining pieces

Whether it’s removing stickers, removing paint, removing wallpaper, killing weeds, a heat gun is a good buy to make. For the house or the garden here is a heat gun at a great price:

Have you tried to remove a sticker but remnants remain on the surface? Whether it’s sticker remnants on a wood, plastic or even glass surface, oil is another trick to try at home.

Indeed, vegetable oil is a natural product that helps to quickly unstick and remove the remains of glue and labels. Simply rub off the leftover sticker with a cloth and cooking oil. Finish by washing the surface with soapy water.

The oil tip is also ideal for removing labels from glass and even from a book. Come quickly read this article: How do you remove a label from a book?

To keep a wine label (glu):

If you want to take off a wine label to keep it later, and the latter is stuck to the glue here is how to do it:

  • Simply soak your bottle of wine in water for about ten minutes.
  • Remove the bottle from the water and remove the wine label.

If you notice resistance when trying to remove the wine label, immerse the bottle again for another 10 minutes and start again.

To preserve a wine label (self-adhesive)

For self-adhesive labels, the process will be quite different. Here’s how:

  • Place your bottle of wine in the oven for 5 minutes at 200°C.
  • Once the label has come off, stick it straight away on a sheet of paper because the glue will still be hot and therefore active.

But above all be careful, never leave your bottle in the oven for more than 5 minutes and wear oven gloves to handle it without danger.

8. Product to help you remove glue residue

To remove stickers quickly and easily, a few additional products can help.

Here is a liquid product that makes it easy to remove stains and glue residue from a multitude of surfaces.

Liquid Goo Gone

Liquid Goo Gone

  • Effectively removes stickers and glue
  • Removes wax, tar and adhesive label
  • Use on glass, wood, plastic, ceramic, etc.

This product can be used on several surfaces such as:

  • ceramics
  • granite
  • work plans
  • glass
  • the laminate
  • metal
  • plastic

Graffiti can also be difficult to clean, but not impossible. Come and discover our tips right here: How to remove graffiti?

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