How to remove a tag on a wall?

How to remove a tag on a wall?

Even if for some graffiti is an art form, it can still anger the owners of buildings vandalized by these tags. If you have tags or graffiti on your exterior walls, there are a few solutions to remove them.

It is important to mention that no matter the trick or the product it is difficult to remove the tags, but fortunately not impossible. Here are some tips and products to effectively clean graffiti.

1. Remove graffiti with a pressure washer

A quick way to remove or rather clean graffiti on an exterior stone or brick wall is high pressure washing.

It is important to use a very high pressure cleaner with a suitable cleaning product to remove all traces of the tag.

If you can rent or buy a pressure washer, depending on its power, it could very well be that the graffiti comes off. If the brick on your wall hasn’t soaked up too much of the paint, it could literally jump off the wall.

If some paint remains, pour in bleach and repeat the high-pressure cleaning step. Here is a model of pressure washer that is very popular with users:

Pressure washer

Pressure washer

  • Gasoline pressure washer
  • Maximum pressure of 3100 psi
  • Powerful motor to clean everything

High-pressure cleaning makes it possible to clean other surfaces as you will discover here: How to clean a roughcast exterior wall?

2. Use anti-graffiti paint

There is a type of paint (sold at good hardware stores) that is made from a very strong solvent. With this paint, the graffiti will not be able to dry to the point of penetrating too much into the materials of the wall.

This paint can then be removed by simple cleaning. This is a preventative paint for future graffiti that may be done.

Apply a waterproofing product to the stone wall

For owners of shops or apartment blocks, a good solution to prevent and protect themselves from graffiti is the application of a waterproofing product. suggests the ProtectGuard product below, a waterproofing and anti-stain product for porous materials. It is therefore ideal for protecting brick and concrete walls against tags but also against moss, grease and other dirt.

3. Paint over graffiti

If you are unable to completely remove the tags or if you do not have the time or the means to clean them, another solution is possible.

Indeed, repainting the wall where the graffiti is can be a good trick to remove all traces of the tag. Graffiti hides well with paint, but you may need to give several coats of paint to completely hide the tags.

This solution may be less expensive than doing business with a company that specializes in high-pressure cleaning and graffiti removal.

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4. Erase graffiti with baking soda

Did you know that bicarbonate is a product that can be used to remove graffiti from a wall?

Indeed, if the graffiti is small and easily accessible, a recipe based on baking soda and water can be effective in removing everything. Here’s how:

  • Mix water with baking soda
  • Use a brush to rub the tag with this mixture

If you are unable to completely remove the tag, add bleach to the solution. Efficient and fast to erase everything!

Baking soda

Baking soda

  • Used for ton of tips and tricks
  • For household chores
  • Powerful cleaning agent

5. The town hall of your neighborhood to remove a tag

Depending on where you live, the town hall can actually take care of removing graffiti from the facades of houses, buildings and businesses.

The only drawback with this trick is that you will have to be patient before seeing a team come to clean your wall.

So if you are in a hurry to see the graffiti disappear from your building, it is better to do it yourself or contact a graffiti removal professional in your area.

6. Hire a professional graffiti removal service

If you have the financial means then why not do business with a real graffiti removal specialist?

This type of company offers a professional service with really effective products against tags. If you want to quickly remove the tags on the walls of your building, this is undoubtedly the best solution.

Some companies use the pressure washing technique while others will rather choose airbrushing. The latter, which uses abrasive power, is undoubtedly the best technique for removing a tag quickly and efficiently.

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