How to remove condensation on car headlights?

How to remove condensation on car headlights?

remove condensation from car headlights

Occasionally, fog forms in car headlights. You must act quickly to avoid malfunctioning of your headlights due to this condensation.

I offer in this article some simple tips and tricks to remove and prevent fogging in headlights car.

1. Why is there fog in my car headlight?

The main reason why there can be fog and condensation inside a car headlight is because of a lack or rather a problem of sealing at the level of the headlight unit.

  • Because of a shock due to an accident or a collision for example.
  • During a manipulation to change a light or another part.

As soon as the small rubber seal between the grille and the headlight moves, fog will unfortunately appear.

2. Remove the fogging by removing the car headlight

The first thing to do if you notice fogging in your car’s front or rear headlight is to remove it.

  1. Disassemble and remove the bulb holder carefully, taking care not to lose any parts.
  2. Remove and wipe the inside of the headlight with a cloth and allow to air dry thoroughly.
  3. Replace the lens plate and the headlight, checking the seal and the condition of the rubber seal.

I strongly suggest that you refer to your user guide or better yet search how to do it directly on Youtube indicating the make and model of your car.

3. Remove condensation in a headlight with a hair dryer

Well, I don’t know if this hair dryer trick is possible with old cars, but it works very well with a recent car.

  1. Open the hood of the car and remove the plastic cap (cover) at the level of the problematic headlight.
  2. Then use a vacuum cleaner (in push mode) to dry and remove the fog and water accumulated in the headlight.

You will find several tutorials on YouTube for different car models and brands. Here is a video that shows this trick very well to remove the fog from the headlights of your car:

4. What if the fog still comes back?

Unfortunately, if the condensation always returns in one or more of the car’s headlights, you will have to replace them.

Indeed, if after having removed the fog it keeps coming back, it is because the optical unit is cracked and therefore more watertight. You must then replace it.

As a new headlamp can cost upwards of $300, I suggest you look to the second-hand market to save big. If you are comfortable with mechanics, you can replace the headlight yourself or call a mechanic.

If you are also looking for a tip for cleaning headlights then I recommend reading my other article: How to clean car headlights?

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